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Mexico, October 30th 2007

Posted by Charles II on October 30, 2007

Twinsouled left. The split inside the left continues, placing Mexico at elevated risk in the event of crisis. The New Left leadership, heirs of Echeverria, is planning to disown Lopez Obrador or perhaps to goad him into disowning the PRD. Either would be catastrophic, leaving Mexico with no authentic political representation.

Home ec. There was an inflation scare, leading the central bank to raise rates, but Secretary of Hacienda y Crédito Público Carstens assures everyone that inflation is coming down. Even if food and oil are out of sight.

War on some drugs. No money to give legal pharmaceuticals to kids in the US, but Bushco will be sending $1.4B to Mexico to militarize the drug war in what is called “Plan Mexico”: “Unless checks and balances appear that have so far not been revealed, Plan Mexico could contribute to the creation of a police state in Mexico.”

Body count. There was fighting between the military and the “zetas” 40 miles from Oaxaca. In Sinaloa, five people were executed over a period of eight hours. Seventeen people were killed nationwide, including two police chiefs in Tijuana.

Safety unstandards. 24 workers were killed in an oil rig accident in the Sonda de Campeche.

A generous coat of whitewash. To review, Zhenli Ye Gon, who fled ahead of the law claiming he had been the money man behind the PAN’s sewer money, was arrested in Rockville MD on July 23rd. He asked for political asylum, but was denied.

Hong Kong froze accounts totaling 8 million dollars on top of the 1.8 million frozen by the US. Queretaro will receive about $600K to build addiction clinics. The Mexican FEC (Fepade) has determined simply from listening to the plaintiffs that none of the $205 million seized from Ye Gon went into illegal campaigning. The government, however, can’t tell a straight story, with figures of the amount of pseudoephedrine seized and the manner of its seizure varying wildly from 15 tons headed from Saudi Arabia to Manzanillo to two tons headed from South Korea.

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  1. Richard said

    (Off topic)

    Charles, many thanks for those kind words over at my place at our saddest of times.

  2. Charles said

    I hope and pray that in due time we’ll all be reunited with those we love, Richard.

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