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And In News That Should Surprise Absolutely No One…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 31, 2007

yet another homophobic Republican “Family Values” dickweed was outed from his closet:

Meanwhile, way on the otherside of the country, up in Washington another I’m-Not-Gay-Republican– yawn– Washington Rep. Richard Curtis is all caught up in some extortion business with a gay prostitute. KREM, a Spokane TV station, reported that Curtis and the male hooker had “a sexual encounter and were seen together at various spots around the city.” Spokane is just up the road apiece from Idaho and Curtis said, “I am not gay. I have not had sex with a guy.” A.P. is reporting that Curtis and the hooker met at one of those porno video shops (the Hollywood Erotic Boutique) at 12:45am and then went back to Curtis’ hotel room at 3:30am for sex. They don’t say who did what to whom but the trick, Cody Castagna, demanded a grand to not blab that Curtis, who is married, is also enjoying the company of young men, and Curtis called the cops.

Before you start feeling too sorry for this chump, keep this in mind: he’s a self-righteous right-wing turd who he voted against domestic partnerships for gay and lesbian couples. Last year, he opposed a gay rights bill that banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Flush another Republican hypocrite down the toilet. I’ve lost count.

Even better — he’s a drag queen:

State Representative Richard Curtis says he’s not gay, but police reports and court records indicate the Republican lawmaker from southwestern Washington dressed up in women’s lingerie and met a Medical Lake man in a local erotic video store which led to consensual sex at a downtown hotel and a threat to expose Curtis’ activities publicly.

Many moons ago, MEC defined for us the concept of anti-truth:

“Lie” isn’t an adequate word for what Republicans say. We need a new term; I propose anti-truth, as in, “There are lies, damned lies, and Republican anti-truths.” Like matter and anti-matter, Republicans and the truth just can’t occupy the same space. What they say goes all the way through and past “untrue” into the realm of turning reality inside out, tying a knot in it, and yanking so hard it snaps.

It’s time to come up with an analogue concerning GOP hypocrisy. The word “hypocrisy” just isn’t adequate to describe what these people think, say, and do.

After all this, it’s almost an anticlimax to note that Debra Jeane Palfrey’s most noted customer, Diaper David Vitter, got hit with a $25,000 for violating election laws in his 2004 campaign.

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