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Bill Haney Is My Hero

Posted by MEC on October 31, 2007

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In the Detroit Free Press, Bill Haney dismisses the anti-tax fanatics.

Why should I complain about paying my fair share for protection by firefighters and police officers? Or for maintenance, and even upgrading, of our rutted roads, crumbling bridges, leaking water pipes, and rotting infrastructure? Why should I grumble that the government is confiscating my hard-earned money to pay for schools neither I nor my descendants will attend, when I had no problem accepting education at schools and colleges my parents and grandparents provided for me with their Depression-era sweat?


You get what you pay for. Or not. Unless you are exceptionally lucky. So it’s best just to remember that those who came before you built the schools and the roads and put out the fires and caught the bad guys, and some of those ancient taxpayers had to leave their families and jobs and put on uniforms and take up arms and go away to lands whose names they couldn’t pronounce. Some of those long-ago taxpaying soldiers left parts of their bodies where they fought, and some of them came back in boxes with crisp American flags draped over them.

Would I like to see more value for my tax dollars? You bet. Would I like to see our government waste less? Most certainly. Would I like to see a reordering of priorities to raise the prospects for my grandkids living in a cleaner, safer, saner, more civil country? Oh, would I, would I.

And am I willing to give back more in taxes from the bounty this great nation has given to me, from what it has let me earn and what it has let me become through the taxes and sacrifices of generations before me?

It is my honor, and, yes, you’re damned right I want to pay higher taxes.

More like him, please.

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