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The Beale Clan

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 3, 2007

Robert Beale, the tax dodger who bilked us all of $5.6 million, has been caught:

Tax protester Robert Beale’s 14 months on the lam from federal authorities ended Thursday in the parking lot of an Office Depot in Orlando, Fla.

Beale, a former technology company head, had engaged in running battles with the IRS and the Minnesota Revenue Department, citing God, the U.S. Constitution and tyrannical political societies for his refusal to pay taxes. He became Minnesota’s most famous tax resister when he skipped bail on the eve of his tax evasion trial in August 2006.


In 2000, while at Comtrol, Beale changed his employment status from “employee” to “consultant” and billed the company under the name of a shell corporation, the government contends. The shell was a “pass-through” device that allowed Beale to collect his salary through 2004 without reporting it to the IRS, according to prosecutors.

Earlier this year, Comtrol’s president and chief operating officer, Lee Stagni, was sentenced to three years and seven months in prison for tax evasion and for aiding and abetting Beale.

Robert Beale is the father of Theodore “Ted” Beale, better known as right-wing nutjob “Vox Day”.


23 Responses to “The Beale Clan”

  1. Stormcrow said


    They can both rot. Buh-bye, Bob.

  2. Charles said

    Looking at Vox Day’s comment thread, I guess no one told Ted Beale’s supporters that you can’t pray a lie.

  3. That’s why I didn’t link directly to him, Charles, but to The Cucking Stool, which is run by sane people.

  4. Charles said

    I understand, but hope that people will click through to read those comments.

  5. KS said

    My husband Lee Stagni was NOT CHARGED with tax invasion of our own personal taxes – which the article implies… I am tired of articles that are printed off the DOJ’s press release that states that my husband invaded our taxes — he was charged with AIDING AND ABETTING MR. BEALE’s TAX EVASION! They almost got it right…..Unfortunately, the way the Government works and the sentencing that was opposed on my husband was based on Mr. Beale’s tax invasion – not ours! Yes, he was punished was basically the same as Mr. Beale may have be charged with for committing the crime! I am happy they caught Beale and hope that he suffers for what he has done to our family (and his!)

  6. Charles said

    Here’s a prayer that when it’s over and your husband is free again, that your family will be the stronger for it, KS. Also that you will steer clear from people like Robert Beale, people with a line of patter and a gimmick that’s a little too good to be true.

    For what it’s worth, I understood from the article that your husband was simply helping Ted Robert Beale, not evading his own taxes. When you’re title says you’re the boss, you get all the credit and all the blame.

  7. Thanks, KS, for letting us know about your husband’s role. And I echo what Charles has to say about healing, and staying away from people like Robert Beale.

  8. former comtrol employee said

    KS you are in need of a reality check if you don’t think Lee is innocent. He let it go on and got lots of finacial rewards because of it. You should know as you lived your lifestyle. Maybe Bob and Lee will be bunkmates! They deserve each other.

  9. former comtrol employee said

    obviously, there is a typo, Lee is guity as sin and the above comment should read “if you think Lee is innocent”.

  10. Current Comtrol Employee said

    During the time of the tax evasion scheme, Bob Beale and Lee Stagni took back 10% from everyones salaries. He also said that he and Bob were doing the same. Uh huh, sure… While the employees were getting kicked, Beale was getting more money by not paying taxes, taking more money from the company, and Lee was getting “bonuses” for allowing it! I, and other employees still feel stepped on and taken advantage of.

    I’m a firm believer that people like Beale and Stagni always get what coming to them in the end. Look like this still holds true.

    I think Lee’s sentence was way too light, and I hope they throw the book at Bob. But, on the other hand I see what it has done to the rest of the Beale family who are very, very thoughtful, caring, considerate people. Every day I pray for them that God will carry them through this very difficult period in their lives. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for them and their children.

  11. KS said

    So I have the guts to print my name on this blog — why don’t you do the same? So you think you know our lifestyle? Do you think caring for a medically fragile, cognitive impaired child for the past 18 years has been a piece of cake? Do you think Lee could just quit his job when he needed to provide health insurance for a child that was hospitalized several times in a year? Why aren’t you praying for me and my family? You have no idea about our lifestyle so – how DARE you say those things! You apparently were wrapped up in the freakin rumor mill at Comtrol while you were employed there – I’m surprised they can get any work done over there at all. Comtrol would have gone down the tubes it weren’t for Lee protecting it from what Bob believed…he didn’t want the company to pay taxes either. Lee and Bob didn’t agree on many things….and Lee was not getting ‘bonuses’ for helping Bob….I guess you’re unaware what the ‘market’ pays someone who is a ‘President’ of a computer company — are you just jealous that you’re not smart enough to have that job? Apparently you believed the BS that the government presented a trial. Were you at the trial? Just because you were a former Comtrol employee doesn’t mean you knew what was happening at the ‘uppper management’ level!
    Yes, Lee is a victim and he is innocent – and Bob and Lee will never be together in prison, because Bob will never qualify to go to Duluth or any “prison camp”….so if you have anything more to say to me, say it to my face or print you’re name on here…I’d like to know who the hell you are!

  12. Rob Marx said

    The real “saviour” of Comtrol was the late Don House, may he rest in peace. After introducing the RocketPort he was promptly fired by Bob Beale and replaced by a consultant who had been whispering in his ear what a poor job Don had been doing. The day Don was let go, was the worst day in the history of Comtrol, in my humble opinion. I’m going to let it go at that but I saw it all in 10 yrs at Comtrol.

  13. KS (name removed at commenter's request) said

    Well Rob, glad you had the guts to print your name. Apparently Lee had nothing to do with Don House leaving Comtrol — that was a “Vincent” order to Bob….Lee saved the company many times as well. I’m sure Lee has many enemies, no one said that being the President of a company that you have to be friends with every employee. There would have been alot more people leaving the company if Bob had his way…if you were fat, he’d fire you….that was his mentality. Any, thanks for responding even though I’m sure you don’t really even care about Lee and what is happening with our family.

  14. Former Company Employee said

    I knew Bob Beale quite well, and this matter does not surprise me. Beale lied to customers, cheated investors, mistreated employees, and bled his company white. I once watched him announce a wave of lay-offs, and then lead the remaining employees out to the parking lot to view his new Jaguar. The crassness was amazing. Another time I saw him lead an employee prayer, and then advise an accountant to cook ledger books and lie to private investors. He is a supremely arrogant hypocrit, a deeply religious man without conscience or ethics, just a truly distasteful individual. Honestly, seeing him in prisoner garb, with tousled hair and a vague wan smile in his eyes does my heart a lot of good.

  15. Dean Gabbert said

    Just wanted to clarify – it is tax invasion – or tax E-vasion? I have never heard of a person “invading” taxes. Interesting discussion none the less.

  16. Charles II said

    The correct phrase is “tax evasion,” Dean. I would guess KS is not the one who handled the finances in the family.

  17. A Stagni Family Friend said

    Lee and Mrs Stagni have done more for their daughter and for those afflicted with the same condition than anyone can imagine. They have tirelessly researched the condition, created foods and feeding processes to allow their daughter and similar children to live meaningful lives. They’ve selflessly given more to humanity and society than 99% of us will ever think of in our own lives, and at the same time are preparing for their daughter’s life presuming that she’ll survive beyond their own lives. The mental investment they have made to assist one of God’s precious lives can not be measured. The fiscal investment they’ve made similarly can not be measured. If Lee was well paid it was a direct result of his creativity and leadership. Imagine trying to tactically lead a business when the CEO is mentally ill. Lee was wise enough to consult attorneys as Beale was executing his deceit and Lee was acting within the recommendations of attorneys. These same attorneys failed him at the time of trial.

    Lee and family now suffer because of this mentally ill crackpot. Had Beale had the “manly attributes” to stand trial at the same time as Lee, I suspect that the jury would have reached a different conclusion for Lee. The case is NOT about Lee, it’s about the lunatic Beale. Lee, sadly, was the government’s scapgoat once the chicken Beale ran away. They had to convict someone, and without Beale that someone was Lee. What a FARCE! Our government at it’s best … CYA.

  18. Charles II said

    Right. Beale’s fault that his president and COO didn’e resign while Beale was engaged in tax fraud. The lawyer’s fault in failing to persuade the court he wasn’t involved. The judge’s fault in not seeing the miscarriage of justice committed against this fine, upstanding man. The president’s fault in not seeing the urgent need to pardon. And God’s fault for not striking Beale, the lawyers, the judge, and the president with lightning.

    Got it.

  19. A Stagni Family Friend said

    Not fare off, Charles, with the exception of the absurd presidential pardon and inferring that anyone would request God almighty to bring corporal harm to any of them over the issue of money!! They’ll each have their time come judgement day … I suspect that serving greater mankind as the Stagni’s have selflessly done will speak for itself. Have you done 1/2 as much?

  20. Stormcrow said

    It’s all like this. Everything is just like this. Some blank young person who has memorized a 5″x7″ index card of focus group-approved phrases, yelling, yelling, yelling over everyone. And you can say what you want, and be as right as you want, but he’s going to keep yelling, and yelling, and yelling until you get sick of it, and at the end of the day everybody knows that Barack Obama goes to secret Muslim church. Everything is like this. An election won’t fix it. This rules the world.

  21. I have a feeling that someone for whom I did a job-interview-saving favor a while back has returned and has apparently confused my favor with being a patsy. (For those whom this sounds a big cryptic: Fear not, it’s not meant for you.)

  22. A Stagni Family Friend said

    I have a question for “Current Comtrol Employee”. You state “… (Beale) family who are very, very thoughtful, caring, considerate people …” while “… Lee was getting “bonuses” for allowing it!” Did it ever occur to you that the “innocent” Mrs. Beale was signing joint tax returns stating that she knew that her husband was earning $0.00 as CEO and Board Chairman? Where do you suppose that she understood funds for her lifestyle were coming from? Why isn’t she prosecuted for not only conspiracy but filing false tax returns? Who else in the family benefited from the untaxed money and what did they know when?

    Food for thought.

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