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The other case of treason

Posted by Charles II on November 20, 2007

Adrian Levy on Democracy Now reports that the US cut a deal with Pakistan to cover up its Al Qaeda ties and role providing weapons technology to North Korea, Libya, and Iran in exchange for cooperation in the War on Terror. And then this bombshell:

AMY GOODMAN: Adrian Levy, what about the United States firing intelligence agents who were uncovering Washington’s complicity, purging government departments charged with tracking nuclear proliferation and tipping off the Pakistan government about probes into its illicit program?

ADRIAN LEVY: This is absolutely critical. I think that this thing that you picked up on resonates very much in methodology to what one in pre-Iraq and during Iraq. The politicization of intelligence the sidelining, monstering of intelligence officials who attempted to do their jobs. In the case of Pakistan, it was a fierce operation. One arm of government was contradicting what the other was doing. Publicly, the administrations were saying non-proliferation is a gold standard in government and privately, they were undermining us, collaborating. Elements of the CIA still believe that non-proliferation was the gold standard of government and within the bureau, looking at Pakistan, they still believed there agreement was to interdict the Pakistan nuclear program. We have the case of Richard Barlow, a young officer drafted in from the arms control and disarmament agency in the State Department. By the mid-1980s, he is working on the Pakistan desk within the CIA, becoming through many citations and awards and certificates. The pre-eminent researcher on WMD and Pakistan. And Barlow through his diligent research begins to uncover considerable evidence in the distribution cables, cables submitted by officials of the state department to their opposition to cohorts in Pakistan. He begins to undercover a level of complicity, something the state department would called “clientitis” but that the broader public would understand as collaboration, whereby the information appeared to be leaked on sensitive operations. He began to dig some more, and what he discovered was CIA operations to capture Pakistan military agents operating, buying, for the WMD program in America, those operations were being blown at the last minute to the Pakistan government. One operation in particular, involving U.S. Customs Service, was completely blown. He actually came up with the names of two presidential appointees in the state department, both at the Assistant Secretary of State level, who were passing information to the Pakistani government to compromise these operations. He reported this. He reported also the manipulation and the politicization of intelligence that betrayed Pakistan as much further back in the development of its program and his reward for this was to be cold-shouldered and very much to be forced out of the CIA.

AMY GOODMAN: Who were the top officials here reported on? Who did this? Who tipped Pakistan off?

ADRIAN LEVY: There’s only one name I can tell you officially, Bob Peck, who sadly, is no longer with us and was Assistant Secretary of State was one of the two. The second one I can tell you, is one of America’s leading – continues to be one of America’s leading diplomats. But for legal reasons, we are not allowed to name him. Although there is substantial evidence to point to him, but we’ve been asked by our legal team not to do that today. Now, I should just add one other thing before I move onto the second phase of the monstering of Barlow, the undermining of Barlow. I should say that there are other figures and characters who recur throughout this and the other one being General Inesoll, who became under Reagan the National Intelligence Officer for WMD. And Inesoll actually, in a closed session of Congress, was openly distorting and lying about information with Pakistan in order to support security relationship. And he would be supported by officials slightly below him within the state and political appointees and the CIA in a move that one long-term state officials described to me as making many of the people in the State Department deeply cynical about governments.

But if we pick up with Barlow, when Barlow goes to the Pentagon to go to work for Dick Cheney, then Defense Secretary. He is tasked almost immediately with writing an intelligence estimate for Cheney to go to the president in 1988, 1989, looking at the state of play with Pakistan. In his report to go to Cheney, he tells Cheney what I have told you. The entire chronology of events vis a vis the rise of the Pakistan program and U.S. collaboration in it. He also makes a specific point that Pakistan is till procuring for the program and it has adapted its American supplied F-16 fighter jets as its platform to drop a nuclear bomb. Next thing you know, literally pretty much overnight, Barlow’s security clearances evaporate; a vicious whispering campaign begins in the Pentagon, accusing Barlow of being potentially a spy, adulterer, a drunkard, and his wife Cindy who is also in the CIA is very much set against him. This may sound remarkably like another case, the Plame-Wilson case. And it’s the same cast of characters essentially, on the periphery. With Barlow case it involves once again Louis Scooter Libby, Stephen Hadley, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Eric Adelman, still in the Pentagon negotiating with Pakistan. All of these people revolving around the Barlow case, helping to spread the smear. And it really would take years until there is a triple inquiry by the Inspector-general for the CIA, for the State Department and for the Pentagon that rules pretty much unanimously that Barlow was monstrously smeared, and was never working against his country. And his lawyers discover his report to Cheney had been rewritten. Rewritten to say the exact opposite of what he had written: that Pakistan had no bomb, was not advancing its program, couldn’t use American F-16 jets to deploy its bomb. And the reason for that was that the Pentagon was considering a 1989, 1990 selling another several billions worth of F-16s to its client, Pakistan.

5 Responses to “The other case of treason”

  1. Stormcrow said

    After all of this, seven years going on a quarter century, watching the competent and the bright ones get smeared and broken and shat out the governement’s ass, their work broken before their eyes.

    We expect people of integrity, people with basic self respect, to go into government service why??

    Down the same sinkhole the teaching profession has already descended into. Expect to see only the incompetent and the corrupt and the possemaniacs in future. They are the only people who can find rewards there, now.

    You get what you pay for.

  2. Charles said

    Stormcrow asks, “We expect people of integrity, people with basic self respect, to go into government service why??”

    Because the corporate world is just as dirty, if not dirtier?

    The only place one can have integrity is as a faculty member in some non-controversial area, like geology or accounting. Even there, be careful not to talk about how the fossil record disproves creationism or how corporations cook their books.

  3. As I blogged, Levy’s investigative work sure ties a lot of loose ends together, yes? Like how AQ Khan was treated, and Valerie Plame.

  4. Charles said

    Indeed, Kevin.

  5. Michael said

    We have build our economy on a tissue of lies, and it must fall. The wise person will tell the truth and live.

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