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Mexico, December 4 2007

Posted by Charles II on December 3, 2007

MexicoReporter: One of Mexico’s leading human rights activists, Lydia Cacho, has been denied justice by the Supreme Court. Cacho published a book exposing a pedophile ring run by a leading businessman under the protection of Puebla Governor Mario Marin. Cacho was arrested without charges and threatened with rape and other forms of torture. Her lawsuit was upheld by a commission of the Supreme Court, but invalidated by the full court on the grounds that an incriminating phone call had been improperly recorded.

Viva ::cough:: Mexico.

2 Responses to “Mexico, December 4 2007”

  1. Wow. Sounds like what Newt Gingrich is using to go after Jim McDermott.

  2. Charles said

    Same basic story, PW.

    I’m not unsympathetic to the assertion that we need to exclude improperly gathered evidence to avoid a situation in which there are no rules for law enforcement. But the ability of the wealthy to exclude evidence of their crimes even as increasingly improperly gathered evidence is used to prosecute, say, the targets of the “war on terror” is starting to strain the limits of socially-acceptable hypocrisy.

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