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NIE: Bush Is Full Of Crap WRT Iran.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 3, 2007

We knew this years ago (at least the IAEA did), but it’s nice to see America’s intelligence agencies officially break free from Bush’s propaganda:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 — A new assessment by American intelligence agencies concludes that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and that the program remains on hold, contradicting an assessment two years ago that Tehran was working inexorably toward building a bomb.

Remember, Iran is allowed under the Non-Proliferation Treaty to have nuclear energy for domestic purposes, such as power plants. The amount of fissionable material needed for power generation is much, much smaller than that needed for weapons-making.

Oh, and the whole reason the Iranians have a nuclear program? We gave it to them, twicefirst in the 1950s, as part of the “Atoms for Peace” program under Eisenhower, and again under Ford in the 1970s:

In 1976, the Shah of Iran came to the United States, sent his representatives to intercede and say, “Look, we’ve done an analysis, and we’ve got a finite amount of oil. And right now we need to export it. And if we don’t export it, we don’t make money, etc. We don’t have enough oil to sustain this. We need to come up with an indigenous energy policy that frees up our oil for exportation. We want to use nuclear energy.” And the U.S. government went, “Good idea, Shah. We’re all for it.” That was Gerald Ford.

The chief of staff of the White House at the time was Dick Cheney. The Secretary of Defense was Donald Rumsfeld. So, this argument that both Cheney and Rumsfeld put out today that Iran is a nation awash in a sea of oil, there is no need for a nuclear energy program, they both supported Iran’s goals of achieving nuclear energy in 1976. Not only nuclear energy, but they also supported the Shah when he said, “We cannot allow a nuclear energy program’s fuel to be held hostage by the vagaries of sanctions and war. We need an indigenous fuel-manufacturing capability inclusive of the full uranium enrichment process.” And guess what the U.S. government said in 1976. “No problem, Shah. Good deal.” Of course, in 1979, the Islamists come in and suddenly we change our opinion. The bottom line is, Iran has every right legally to a nuclear energy program, and economically, we’ve already deemed it a responsible way to go.

3 Responses to “NIE: Bush Is Full Of Crap WRT Iran.”

  1. Charles said

    Every person in America needs to know this.

    Oooh, I hope this is the end of Bush’s planned Persian vacation.

  2. I hope so, too.

    The intel agencies, per The Consortium, fought for the better part of a year to get this out to the public. I have friends in the military who’ve been watching events and apparently some top brass, even those hand-picked by Rummy to be submissive little Petraeus-style bootlicking apple-polishers, have been on the verge of open revolt against attacking Iran. They’re tried dropping massive hints, which Bush and his crew have ignored. The release of the NIE is a sign that they’re going to go beyond hints pretty soon.

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