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Mexico, December 15th 2007

Posted by Charles II on December 15, 2007

An interesting book has been authored by Juan Alberto Cedillo. It deals with Nazi machinations in Mexico, including promotion of the drug trade and the involvement of Veracruz governor and later president Miguel Alemán Valdés in the cartel.

Proceso reports that the teachers took over the streets of Oaxaca to protest the failure of the government to pay two biweekly checks for December and the Christmas bonus. At 3PM, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz relented, but the trouble is not over. A spokesman for the union (SNTE 22) promised to take over a refinery if they weren’t paid the second installment in early January.

From Mexico Solidarity Network newsletter:

     The Senate approved a controversial election reform that would remove small parties from effective electoral competition and consolidate the power of the big three parties – the PAN, PRI and PRD.  The reform would also severely limit the influence of media giants Televisa and TV Azteca by making most campaign advertising free and by limiting the ability of television stations to endorse particular candidates.  Mexico’s major business groups opposed the reform because it would restrict their ability to run independently financed campaign commercials. 

     The PAN and PRI voted unanimously in favor of the reform while the PRD divided its votes.  The PRD is aligned with two smaller parties, the Workers Party (PT) and Convergencia, which may cease to exist if they don’t receive at least 2% of the vote in the next round of elections.  The reform would also prohibit coalitions, which have been the foundation of recent elections, allowing smaller parties to gain a presence in the Senate and lower house by aligning with the more established parties.  The reform is widely interpreted as a way to remove Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from effectively campaigning for the presidency as a coalition candidate in 2012.  Professional politicians from the three major parties don’t like the current coalition system because it forces the major parties to share proportionately awarded electoral posts with their minor partners.

Former DEA Agent Michael Levine has a piece on Expert Witness  on the crash of a cocaine-filled plane in Mexico, with a direct link here and the article on which it is based here. The jet involved had done black flights to Guantanamo. One of the owners was a DEA operative who flew regularly to Colombia on anti-narcotics missions… or whatnot.

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