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Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 15, 2007

Okay, I assume y’all know about James “blacks aren’t smart” Watson’s being such a friggin’ lyin’ racist pig that he is no longer considered a reputable scientist?

What about that crack about black employees? I ask. Are we just genetically predisposed to the bucket and broom? “Behavior as Watson describes it is not genetic,” Pollack responds. “That too has been tested, reproduced, published, established. He’s not been honest about the data already in hand, and that to me is the one failing no serious scientist can let pass. I wish he would say he’d gotten the facts wrong, and then his apologies might lead to social changes that would give them some force. So far, he’s gone down another path: he’s made his initial remarks even worse by suggesting that data on the role of childhood experience, as shaped by nature versus nurture, are not yet in, and that when they will be in, we will know that one’s DNA is indeed one’s fate. But the facts are in, and the results are just the opposite. Watson is just wrong. And what’s alarming–shocking even–is that he ought to know he’s wrong.”

Well, guess who probably had a black great-grandparent:

JAMES WATSON, the DNA pioneer who claimed Africans are less intelligent than whites, has been found to have 16 times more genes of black origin than the average white European.

An analysis of his genome shows that 16% of his genes are likely to have come from a black ancestor of African descent. By contrast, most people of European descent would have no more than 1%.

The study was made possible when he allowed his genome – the map of all his genes – to be published on the internet in the interests of science.

“This level is what you would expect in someone who had a great-grandparent who was African,” said Kari Stefansson of deCODE Genetics, whose company carried out the analysis. “It was very surprising to get this result for Jim.”

My guess is that it’s probably from his father’s side of the family, as they would have more opportunities to meet black people in the 19th century; his mother’s family came from Ireland and Scotland, and Ireland for one had comparatively few black people prior to the 1990s. (Though I do like the idea that Watson could be related to this famous black Scotsman, also named Watson.)

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  1. Charles said

    Watson proves that it’s possible to be inferior no matter what color you are.

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