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The Mukasey Payoff

Posted by Charles II on December 15, 2007

How many liars can you find in this picture? From Johnston and Mazzetti, NYT (via t/o): So now Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, is furious because Mukasey is refusing to provide any information regarding the destruction of torture tapes at the CIA on the grounds that the CIA would refuse to cooperate with DoJ. The …investigator— that’s the guy with a portable shredder– is a Bush I/Bush II appointee, Kenneth Wainstein. The Congressional oversight is supplied by the Hoekstra and Reyes Comedy Team. Meanwhile, the CIA is promising to cooperate with both DoJ and Congress.

So, exactly why did the Congress believe that Mukasey would be an improvement on Alberto Gonzales?  And exactly what function does Congress serve if it does not immediately cite Mukasey for contempt and then (as soon as he refuses to surrender) impeach him?

One Response to “The Mukasey Payoff”

  1. Michael said

    They are in favor of shredding what they authorized, perhaps.

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