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A Visual Treat

Posted by Charles II on December 25, 2007

Libby Spencer at the Newshoggers has two great links to photos from Iran, one to Christmas in Teheran and one to the Women of Iran. Treat your eyes to something nice.

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Merry Christmas!

Posted by Charles II on December 25, 2007

known as Jesus’s birthday to non-Christians, and A[l]phabet day according to the MECian calendar.


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Compare And Contrast

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 25, 2007

Robert Novak spews a cynical column that’s pretty darned near fact-free, and nothing will happen to him because of it. (Other than maybe getting a Pulitzer.)

Paul Krugman makes a good-faith cite of an item in an Enron story by Jason Leopold, an item that Leopold couldn’t vouch for 100% (although to be honest it was a lot more credible than what Judith Miller had been writing on Iraq on behalf of her neocon buddies for over a decade) and Krugman and Salon are made to grovel while Leopold loses his job.

What was that about a “liberal” media?

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