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The Malinche’s curse

Posted by Charles II on December 30, 2007

(via SdP), Amparo Ochoa and Gabino Palomares sing La Maldición de Malinche. The lyrics are here. The Malinche was the daughter of a cacique who was used by the Spanish to effect their domination of Mexico. The curse of the Malinche is the graciousness of indigenous culture in welcoming foreign influence while denying basic social solidarity.

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Somebody Check The AP’s Collective Temperature

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 30, 2007

They’ve just been caught picking on Mitt Romney.  Don’t they know that lying is only newsworthy when a Democrat does it to hide an old affair?

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Gilliard On Colonial Wars, Then And Now

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 30, 2007

The late Steve Gilliard’s devastating series of posts on the bloody, unproductive, democracy-destroying and deeply racist and bigoted nature of colonial wars (including our current one in Iraq) should be recommended reading in all high schools.  Until they are, you’ll just have to settle for seeing them here.

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