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This Is Fitting In So Many Ways

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 7, 2008

From The Wege over at Norwegianity:

A schoolmate of Tim Pawlenty’s fearing retribution and requesting anonymity has shared the following. Tim Pawlenty was known to his school-chums by the nicknames “Moon Shine Tim” or just “Moonie”. When asked how Tim Pawlenty came by these nicknames, “Moon Shine Tim and Moonie” the answer is, “You know, Promise the Moon, Deliver Nothing. Promise the Moon and Deliver Nothing, that’s our Moonie.”

As Wege says: “Any bets on whether this ever shows up in the Strib or PiPress?”

Hell, no. They’re the papers that studiously keep their eyes averted to the parade of young blondes that keep passing in and out of the door of a conspicuously married Republican politician sometimes talked up as presidential timber. They’ll never mention “Moonie’s” nickname in print.

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