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There’s A Simple Solution To Our Problems…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 24, 2008

…but the hyper-rich won’t allow it until they find themselves being hung from their own security fencing.  It’s called “returning to Eisenhower-Era levels of taxation”.

So instead, we find people maundering about destroying the Federal government and backing “States’ Rights” as a way to get out from under the social contract.   For a corrective, go here and scroll down to Stiglitz and Burman.

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Mark Miller on No Comment

Posted by Charles II on January 24, 2008

A  good interview of Mark Crispin Miller by Scott Horton. Excerpt:

Scott Horton: You say that the Republican Party’s plan to manipulate the elections doesn’t focus on a single massive fraud, but rather on thousands of small ones. That makes sense in light of the fact that the presidential election is effectively a series of mini-elections conducted in counties and precincts around the country, with different voting, monitoring and tallying procedures. But if you had to pick three points where the voting process is vulnerable, what would they be?

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Chris Dodd and FISA

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 24, 2008

Yes, it’s happening again.

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