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Just Another Thing You’ll Never See Leading The US Evening News

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 3, 2008

I just found out that some British soldiers stand accused of torturing and killing twenty-two captured Iraqis after a firefight in 2004. There was a gag order on the details of the crimes, which were apparently horrifying in the extreme, but that was lifted on January 31 by a British High Court judge.

However, the US media’s gag order on reporting this has not been lifted. (Hey, did you know about this before you saw my blog post? Betcha most of your friends and neighbors don’t know about it, either.) A screen shot of a Google search done Saturday afternoon shows that this story is mostly being mentioned by progressive websites; the first US mention of it is six sites down:


5 Responses to “Just Another Thing You’ll Never See Leading The US Evening News”

  1. Stormcrow said

    Yeah, well.

    That’s one of the reasons why I simply think a CATV subscription is a complete waste of money at best. And that’s why I don’t call them “reporters” anymore. I just call them “media whores”, because that’s what they are.

    Isn’t it odd that the journalists who are really worthy of the name these days are all outside of the American news media?

  2. Albatross said

    Corporate media is just that – corporate. I think it’s about time we figured out that there are three characters in this farce: the Ultra-Wealthy, the Corporations that they own and profit from , and the Working Class, whom the first two see as a large unruly resource used for making money.

    Everything in the mainstream media is one form or another of corporate propaganda.

    We need Campaign Finance Reform, and we need it now. Until a grassroots movement compels enough Congresspeople to curtail corporate interests in Congress, we won’t be able to pass ANY other legislation in our own interests (recent point in case, FISA).

    You wonder why Pelosi, Reid and Feinstein are so uninterested in their constituents? Because they are tools of the corporations.

    Getting the neocons out of the White House is a good and necessary first step. The NEXT step needs to be a grassroots Campaign Finance Reform bill. And if we don’t get that, we may as well forget it, because nothing else will get done. The Corporations own Congress, and it doesn’t listen to the Working Class, the People, anymore.

  3. NoOneYouKnow said

    The U.S. press is extremely censored and controlled. Americans are slowly waking up to this.

  4. Batocchio said

    Wow. Yup, hadn’t heard about this one.

  5. But hey, look! Bobby Knight quit! That’s the fricking headline on USA Today this morning.

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