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“I Said It. I Meant It. I Stand Behind It.”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 16, 2008

That was Paul Hackett’s response to a fake-outrage attack against him two years ago. He’d dared to criticize George W. Bush, you see, and the Republicans went into mass fake hysterics over it.

Hackett’s titanium spine is a very big reason why this guy was able to come from out of nowhere to nearly knock off a Republican in what was supposed to be one of the safest GOP congressional seats in America.Would that all Democrats would do this instead of backpedaling every time a Republican clears his or her throat.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with apologizing or changing one’s mind if you really are in the wrong, but there’s a vast difference between being the target of a typical GOP hissy kabuki fit and actually being in the wrong.

It makes life so much easier, too. As we all know from our online lives, most trolls stop trolling when their trolling doesn’t deliver the desired response.

If we see GOP hissy kabuki as a form of trolling, and treat it accordingly, the frequency of the hissy-kabuki attacks drops once the trolls know we ain’t playing their game and we don’t fear them. There will of course still be some attacks, but there will be far less of them.

2 Responses to ““I Said It. I Meant It. I Stand Behind It.””

  1. Stormcrow said


    These guys are cowards. So you respond by doing the very last thing they would expect: piss on their phony contemptible “outrage”. Do not apologize, do not waffle. Choose your words and actions with care, and then stand behind what you say and do.

    This is something which, as people of the Lie, they cannot do, and is probably not even within their concept of the possible.

  2. Charles said


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