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Telecom Immunity = Bush Immunity

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 2, 2008

dday has the goods. An excerpt:

So if the intelligence community doesn’t care about this, and the phone company executives don’t care about this, there’s only one constituency for which this legislation is designed. And that’s the Bush Administration itself. As Glenn Greenwald noted the other day, it’s not like this is even well hidden.

In his Press Conference yesterday, Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush candidly explained why he was so eager to have Congress grant amnesty to telecoms:

“Allowing the lawsuits to proceed could aid our enemies, because the litigation process could lead to the disclosure of information about how we conduct surveillance.” […]

Bush is finally being candid about the real reason the administration is so desperate to have these surveillance lawsuits dismissed. It’s because those lawsuits are the absolute last hope for ever learning what the administration did when they spied on Americans for years in violation of the law. Dismissal via amnesty would ensure that their spying behavior stays permanently concealed, buried forever, and as importantly, that no court ever rules on the legality of what they did. Isn’t it striking how that implication of telecom amnesty is never discussed, and how little interest it generates among journalists — whose role, theoretically, is to uncover secret government actions?

That’s all this is about. The telecoms don’t want the amnesty. The overriding goal is to shut down these lawsuits and, most important, eliminate the discovery phase so that the full extent of Administration lawbreaking is permanently hidden. This is about burying the evidence, as every single action by the White House since the Democratic takeover of Congress has been. Bush may have a soft spot in his heart for his corporate buddies, but he’s really not interested in indemnifying them. He’s interested in immunity for himself.

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Sunday Morning Renewable Energy Blogging

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 2, 2008

— Good news for conventional solar panel makers: The polysilicon shortage is about to ease dramatically, if not end. Of course, thin-film solar cells don’t use as much polysilicon anyway — and CIGS and printed thin-film cells (like Nanosolar’s) don’t use polysilicon at all.

Check this out:

The goal is ambitious: to install 33 gigawatts (GW) of wind power capacity in the next ten years to supply electricity to 25 million homes.

The means are unprecedented: to build about 7,000 offshore wind turbines around Britain’s coastline.

But this could just be the start of a huge expansion of renewable energy in the UK, though wave and tidal power and even solar energy would need to be harnessed if the government is to meet its objective of drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions while also retiring a generation of old, polluting coal and nuclear power stations.

25 million homes is a lot of homes, considering that the UK’s population is a touch over 60 million right now. And 33 gigawatts is a big chunk of Britain’s energy usage, which currently tops out around 60 GW. If over half of the UK’s energy needs can be sustainably and cleanly supplied in ten years’ time, that will be a good thing indeed.

UPDATE: In the comments, Charles points out the potential of graphene as a superconductor. Right now, transmission losses over long distances is a major problem in the energy field. Imagine graphene networks conducting energy from solar or wind farms to places thousands of miles away with minimal losses.

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