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They heard us

Posted by Charles II on March 4, 2008

Michael Copps is one of the few bright stars in American government. Fighting literally impossible odds at the FCC (the Republicans hold a voting majority), time and time again he has forced the Commission to listen to the public. Now, he is calling for a hearing into whether WHNT suppressed the Sixty Minutes Broadcast on the imprisonment of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman for the crime of being a Democrat.

WHNT initially claimed that its broadcast feed had been interrupted. When CBS said that was false, they claimed it was technical problems at the station. Maybe so, but thank God there’s a Michael Copps to call for an inquiry.  

2 Responses to “They heard us”

  1. Norquist said

    The three largest newspapers and the Internet site in Alabama are all operated by Newhouse Publications which is owned by media giant Advance Publications, Inc. These newspapers literally print nothing but lies about all top Democrats in the state. They will not allow their investigative reporters any access to these cases. They did not investigate and didn’t printed the truth about Don Siegelman. Most of the smaller locally owned newspapers have managed to spread the truth. They have done a remarkable job since this is a red state standing up to Bush’s GOP operatives.

    These three newspaper instruct their writers to start every article that they write about Siegelman with this statement, “Our newspapers endorsed Bob Riley and we believe Siegelman to be a crook” then they twist every sentence after that to sound negative.

    Most Alabamians now know the truth about Don Siegelman and the conspiracy that removed this most popular Democrat in the history of Alabama from office using Bush’s appointees financed by illegal laundried money.

    Only 59% of the children in Alabama graduate from high school. Siegelman ran an education campaign that would have provided financial assistance to the education system and college schorlarships; however, GOP operatives ran prime time media smear ads which were endorced by Christian sham organizations, Congressman Bob Riley and Ralph Reed. This smear campaign along with the two that was used to defeat him in his reelection for governor were funded by lobbyists Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon who made the Choctaw Indians believe that Don Siegelman was a threat to Mississippi gambling and that if he was re-elected that he was going to pass laws that would free the Alabama Poarch Indians.

  2. Charles II said

    Thanks for that background, Norquist. The Siegelman case shows the dangers of a justice system turned to private uses. It is important that the issue be raised in the presidential campaign so that the next president be committed to pardoning him at the earliest moment– and then placing the people who imprisoned him on the scales of justice to see whether they can pass.

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