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Straight-Up Serious Health Care Wonkery

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

Ollie Ox over at Bluestem Prairie has been one busy bovine. Ollie’s been following the Mayo health care symposium featuring input from the major presidential campaigns. If you’re hungry to hear about things that will actually affect your lives, go here and dig in.

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This Is Funny As Hell

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008


The above graphic just cracks me up.


It shows, among other things, the total number of site visits I got from St. Paul conservative dude Mitch Berg’s “Shot in the Dark” blog as of 8:13 pm CDT Thursday, March 13, after he decided to accuse me, in his own contextually-lacking fashion, of — of — of, well, I have no idea, and neither apparently does he, but it must be ooooooh scary bad, right? Because Mitch would never ever mislead us, right? “Shot in the Dark” is just a metaphor, right?

Phoenix Woman – perhaps the only leftyblogger in town less clear on the law than MNO.

While in no way do I buy into Vox Day’s case to repeal the 19th Amendment, Phoenix Woman could actually be circumstantial evidence in the affirmative. Ladies – you might wanna do something about her.

Apparently, to judge from the fact that only ten people bothered to come from Mitch’s blog to mine to make up their own minds, even Mitch’s own fan base didn’t exactly bite on the weird-ass gender-baiting he was pulling. Either that, or Mitch’s readership is so small it could fit in Mitch’s living room and still have room left over.

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Obama Exposes McCain Tax Flip-Flop

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008



What, Mister Stray Talk Excess lie? Horrors!

Yet it’s so — and Obama’s nailing him on it:

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama said Thursday that Sen. John McCain reversed his position on President Bush’s deep tax cuts in order to win the Republican presidential nomination, one of his sharpest criticisms yet of the Arizona senator he hopes to face this fall.

Criticizing GOP efforts to extend major tax cuts from Bush’s first term and to eliminate the estate tax, Obama said: “These are all steps that John McCain rightly said were irresponsible when they first came up.”

“He made a decision to reverse himself on that,” Obama told reporters as he flew from Chicago to Washington for a series of Senate votes on budget issues.

“That was how, I guess, you got your ticket punched to be the Republican nominee,” he said of McCain. “But he was right then, and he’s wrong now.

More like this, please. (Of course, it would help if the press didn’t habitually bury things like this on Page C22 next to the want ads.)

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The Latest (Last?) Word On The NAFTAgate Non-Scandal

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

From the CBC’s Neil Macdonald:

But an offhand remark by a political staffer is just a starting point so CTV brought Tom Clark, the network’s bureau chief in Washington, into the picture. Clark is known to be on friendly terms with ambassador Wilson.

In short order, Clark contacted Wilson, putting to him the tip from Ottawa. We know this because the embassy later confirmed the call. The actual conversation between the two men remains a private discussion, but by the time Clark went to air Wednesday night, his angle was no longer Clinton. It was Obama.

Citing what he would later describe as a “source at a senior level in the embassy,” Clark reported that an Obama “operative” had phoned Wilson personally in previous weeks, warning that “Obama would take some heavy swings at the trade deal,” but assuring the ambassador it would just be “campaign rhetoric,” not to be taken seriously.

The story, Clark emphasized, went beyond trade: “It goes to the question of truthfulness. In other words, did Barack Obama say one thing privately to a foreign government and then say something entirely different to the voters of Ohio and Texas? And it appears tonight that’s exactly what he did and that’s exactly what the Clinton campaign is zeroing in on,” concluded the reporter.

Oooh, sounds nasty! Too bad it never actually happened: Read the rest of this entry »

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British Tory Caught In Spitzer Trap?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

Sure looks like it:

According to the British tabloid News of the World, the Duke of Westminster also gets his whores from the Emperor’s Club VIP. He is Britain’s third richest man and “heads his country’s Territorial Army,” who fight the terrorists. Since these incredible things were not quite enough for his paid sex whore to have sex with him, here’s what he told her to seal the deal: “Osama bin Laden was alive and hiding in Pakistan.”The Emperor’s Club arranged the Evil Duke’s tryst with Zana Brazdek, 26, whose whore name is Shanna. Shanna “was paid £2,000 in £50 notes to have sex with the Duke on December 28 at his plush mews house in central London.” A whole ton of pounds! That’s like 5,500 billion American scrip leaves, no?


So the Duke of England fucked an Emperess — Whore Diamond(TM) rating unknown — in London’s Jurassic Park Express dino-rehab compound. What other details does the Emperess herself offer?

“He told me that British soldiers were getting tested for sexual diseases every three months because they were sleeping with women all over the world.” Later, without batting an eyelid at the irony of the situation, the Duke went on to ask Zana to have sex WITHOUT a condom.

He’s right there — raptors cannot give STDs to humans.
Duke boasts [News of the World via The Blotter]

I suspect that this is one fish the Bush Junta didn’t want to be caught in the net they set out for Spitzer. Expect this to either be all but ignored by most of the GOP/Media Complex, or to be a big fat poison pill that makes further coverage of the story unpalatable to the US corporate media.

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Hypocrisy: IOKIYAR

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

One of the reasons the news media is all over the Eliot Spitzer story — at least the sex part of it, as opposed to looking at the questionable means used to nab him, or the fact that his antagonists had a target before they had a crime to hang on him — is because of the “hypocrisy angle”: “He busted hookers, so he should really pay hard for paying for them!”

Which would be all well and good, but somehow the press never got around to applying that same standard to another political john, Diaper David Vitter — who was not only not hounded out of his Senate seat, but staunchly defended by the same cons now attacking Spitzer. This comparative gentleness towards Vitter is why the man who was well-known in the DC and Canal Street sex-worker industry is still in the Senate pushing legislation like this:

Who needs fiction when you’ve got politics? You really can’t make this stuff up.

As Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s (D-NY) political career comes to an end for his involvement with a prostitution ring, Sen. David Vitter, (R-LA) of “DC Madame” fame, plans to amend the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to reinsert the 33 percent abstinence-only earmark.

Sen. Vitter, not exactly a model for abstinence, or being faithful, has the audacity to put his hypocritical ideology ahead of evidence-based public health strategies that tell us abstinence-only should be removed from PEPFAR. He puts ideology ahead of his own reality in the ultimate paternalistic perversion of “do as I say, not as I do.”

And need I point out that the only reason the Republicans made even a half-hearted attempt to shame Larry Craig into retiring after his arrest in the airport john hit the news was because he was caught propositioning a man? If he’d stuck to women like Diaper Dave, they’d have closed ranks around him immediately like they did with Diaper Dave. Once again, It’s OK If You’re A Republican!

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Howard Metzenbaum, Rest In Peace

Posted by MEC on March 13, 2008

I was saddened by the news that Senator Howard Metzenbaum has died. He was a good man.

The CNN obituary describes his service to his country:

He was a cantankerous firebrand who didn’t need a microphone to hold a full auditorium spellbound while dropping rhetorical bombs on big oil companies, the insurance industry, savings and loans, and the National Rifle Association, to name just a few favorite targets.

Unabashedly liberal, the former labor lawyer and union lobbyist considered himself a champion of workers and was a driving force behind the law requiring 60-day notice of plant closings.

When other liberals shied away from that label, Metzenbaum embraced it, winning re-election in 1988 from Ohio voters who chose Republicans for governor and president, and by wider margins than either George Voinovich or George H.W. Bush.

That victory produced his third, final and most productive term in the Senate. When it was over, in 1995, he started a new career as consumer advocate, heading the Consumer Federation of America.


He headed panels with jurisdiction over labor and antitrust, and took on such issues as pension protection, workplace safety, the right to strike, age discrimination, food labeling, baby formula pricing, retail price-fixing, insurance antitrust and cable television monopolies.

He was the Senate’s prime sponsor of the Brady Act, seeking a waiting period for handgun purchases.

Would that we had the likes of “Senator No” in the Senate today.

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Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

Except, as Jerome a Paris points out, where they really exist:

I must admit that I’m continually amazed these days about how easily the oil price increases and the development of renewable energy are labelled as “bubbles.” After years during which the blatant real estate bubble was ignored by all “serious” commentators (and after an earlier decade when the reality of the dotcom bubble was similarly denied until the crash had happened), they now find it extraordinarily to use that label freely for any inconvenient price evolution.

But, of course, it is easy to understand. It is so much more comfortable to paint the ever-higher oil prices, and the development of still thoroughly hippie-tainted wind power as temporary aberrations or meaningless bursts of irrational exuberance rather than as persistent realities, because that would mean that the comfortable assumptions that underpin today’s economic model have to be questioned. Perpetual growth, the deification of the quick buck based on blissful ignorance of externalities, and individual freedom have to give way to long term planning, intrusive regulation of pollution and emissions, policies to reduce demand and care for the commons.

And that cannot be promoted, can it? Thus, it’s a bubble.

I’ll actually go further and state that this is very likely originating from the lobbyist firms for Big Coal and Big Nuclear. With investment banks suddenly unwilling to provide easy financing for new coal plants, and with no new US nuclear plants having opened since 1996, there’s a lot at stake for these industries.

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Me Likey This Bill Foster Guy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 13, 2008

He’s the guy who just took Denny Hastert’s old seat. And he barely finished getting sworn in before showing us his mettle on a key ethics bill brought by the Democrats:

The bill, pushed aggressively by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), creates an independent, outside panel to investigate ethics complaints against House members. The House approved it last night, 229-182, with most Democrats in favor and most Republicans opposed. That margin is deceptive: Before final passage, the bill first had to clear a much closer procedural vote, which gave House members a chance to kill the idea without, technically, voting against it.

The bill survived that test by a single vote, with Foster voting in favor.

Like I said: Me likey.

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