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The Bush Administration Supports the Troops Again

Posted by MEC on March 18, 2008

Since the 2004 election, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been actively opposing efforts to enable U.S. soldiers to register to vote at VA facilities.

The VA has asserted that since their facilities are solely medical facilities, it would be inappropriate to permit nonmedical activities, including voter registration.

As usual, the Bush Administration is lying.

Across the country, VA facilities have been rented to social agencies working with the homeless, house libraries, parks, playgrounds and even a minor league baseball stadium, he said. Moreover, Rafferty said the “Rolling Thunder” veterans group in New Jersey, which has lead many protests in Washington, regularly meets at VA facilities.

And the VA doesn’t oppose voter registration in its facilities if it’s done by Republicans:

…before the 2004 presidential election, California’s Republican Party paid workers $15 for each new voter registered, and actually registered “dozens of people” at the Menlo Park homeless center.

So the objection, it seems, is to voter registrations that don’t result in more Republican voters. One would suspect they fear that our brave men and women in uniform have become disenchanted with being cannon fodder in an illegal war Bush’s policies and the Republicans who support those policies.

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  1. The only times the Bush Junta’s members ever surprise me is when they do something right. This is not one of those times.

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