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Another anniversary to remember

Posted by Charles II on March 19, 2008

As we remember the 5th anniversary of the start of the American occupation of Iraq, Gareth Porter reminds that the obliteration of the village of My Lai fell at almost the same time of year:

For decades, it has been generally accepted that the My Lai massacre of as many as 400 Vietnamese civilians by US Army troops on March 16, 1968, was a violation of official policy directives on the treatment of civilians in South Vietnam….
Documentary evidence from US Army archives shows, however, that the Peers report misrepresented a key directive from the top commander in Vietnam, General William C Westmoreland, describing it as calling for a blanket policy of humane treatment of civilians in villages controlled by the communist movement.

The directive in question, a copy of which has been obtained by Inter Press Service, makes it clear that the policy of humane treatment did not extend to civilians in areas which had been under long-term communist rule, as was the case with My Lai. …

The Peers report found that the troops who entered My Lai and three other hamlets of the village of Son My had been led to believe that everyone in the village should be killed. Testimony before the Peers inquiry also showed that the platoon leaders involved in the operation had been given that same message by two company commanders. 

So, if you didn’t flee from your home when the communists came, you were the enemy and could be killed without remorse.

Even if you were two years old.

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The Gross Old Party Silences Credit Card Victims

Posted by Charles II on March 19, 2008

Mike Lillis, Washington Independent, via t/o:

They came to the nation’s capital this week from as far away as Denver, Chicago and Niagara Falls—five people who’d had tough experiences with their credit cards and were asked to share those tales with a House panel. Instead, they ran headfirst into the buzz-saw of Washington politics when the panel’s Republicans insisted the visitors allow their lenders to discuss their financial histories publicly—in any forum, at any time.

For four of the five, it was a deal-breaker. Instead of signing the waivers allowing them to testify Thursday, they all sat silently in the audience.

“I didn’t want all my … information out there for just anybody,” said Denver’s Susan Wones, who saw the interest rate of her JP Morgan Chase card jump from 0 percent to 23 percent in one month last summer, without notification or explanation. “I’m extremely upset I can’t talk about this.”

What’s next? Demanding that rape victims testify about every one of their sexual experiences before we have hearings on crime? 

This is the kind of mean, despicable thing the GOP does to brave people who come forward against wrongs that guarantees that I won’t ever join them, even if I were to leave the Democrats.

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Teslas Coming Off The Assembly Line

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 19, 2008

And into the driveways of eco-minded sports-car fans, per this SJMN piece:

The car is being assembled at a Lotus factory in Hethel, England. Tesla said it has taken more than 900 deposits for the $100,000, two-seat, zero-emissions Roadster.


Ze’ev Drori, Tesla’s chief executive and president, said in a blog Monday that the company will be “gradually ramping up our production in a deliberate and controlled manner reaching a rate of over 100 Roadsters per month early next year.”

The cars being made now will arrive in the United States in about four weeks, Siry said.

In February, Tesla Chairman Elon Musk took delivery of what the company termed “P1,” its first production model, at a ceremony attended by employees at its San Carlos headquarters.

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The Speech

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 19, 2008

I really can’t say anything about Obama’s speech that hasn’t been said three zillion times already by other people.

I just wanted to point out two Evil Kossack diaries that say a lot, in my opinion, about the speech, its creator, and the reaction to it by people who weren’t activists or talking heads.

First off, Obama wrote the speech himself. As LarsThorwald says, the last time a major presidential candidate wrote his own speech was when Richard Nixon wrote and delivered the “Silent Majority” speech in October of 1969.

Second off, here’s how a Kossack who heard the speech with a bunch of largely white and likely Republican strangers at a car dealership in Atlanta described the experience: Read the rest of this entry »

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Fruit Of The Poison Tree

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 19, 2008

Isn’t it interesting that the only times Billo lets Democrats onto his shows is when they’re bashing other Democrats? That’s what happened last night, when former Kossack “alegre” apparently went onto O’Reilly’s show to tell everyone how evil Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is.

Ok, scanning through TV channels there on Fox was a stunning sight. A Hillery [sic] supporter whining to Bill O’Riley [sic] about blogging on Kos and explaining the so-called “strike”.

Not much for a diary and yet something needed to be said.

Are these people just totally insane? First, the idea of a strike happening in a voluntary non-paid situation, on a board in which they are arguable guests being permitted an opportunity to talk without paying a fee.

That alone shows they do not understand their situation, nor the purpose of a strike. One who claims to be a Democrat ought to take the labor movement with a enough seriousness to understand work stoppage and collective bargaining.<

That they carried tales of the situation to an channel that works against Democrats in general, and in particular to a program hosted by one who is not friends to Democrats or bloggers is amazing.

Hillary it seems should worry about friends like this as much as the opposition.

Another Kossack saw the same program, and noticed that a top Clinton advisor, Jehmu Greene, was on the show dissing Daily Kos as “liberal elitism at its worst” — and Clinton supporters at MyDD applauded this. Repeatedly.

Democrats and progs in general are letting cons like O’Reilly use them just to attack other Democrats.

Hillary fans are using garbage from WorldNetDaily and NewsMax — sites that got their start bashing the Clintons! — to attack Obama. Obama fans are mindlessly reciting long-debunked lies about Whitewater.

Stop it. Stop it now.

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What If They Gave A Smear And Nobody Cared?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 19, 2008

That’s what seems to be happening with the effort to demonize Obama and his pastor.

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