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What Makes a Great Speech Great

Posted by MEC on March 25, 2008

George Lakoff liked Barack Obama’s speech on “much more than race”.

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CIA, DIA “propping up” narcotraffickers?

Posted by Charles II on March 25, 2008

That’s what Bill Conroy of NarcoNews suggests in this interesting piece:

Two Florida-based companies that have exported a total of at least 11 aircraft to Venezuelan buyers since 2003 are linked to four cocaine planes and what appears to be an elaborate covert intelligence operation, an ongoing Narco News investigation shows.

The covert program, law enforcement sources contend, likely involves the CIA and components of Defense Department intelligence agencies, and is focused, in part, on penetrating, or even propping up, narco-trafficking groups in Venezuela. That country’s outspoken leader, Hugo Chávez, is regularly demonized by U.S. policymakers for, among other things, supposedly allowing his country to become a haven for narco-traffickers.

The operation also appears to prioritize intelligence objectives over law enforcement goals, which means tons of cocaine might well be getting a free pass into the United States….

The companies at the center of this parade of cocaine planes are Skyway Aircraft Inc. of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Planes and Parts Enterprises LLC of Doral, Fla.

In addition, a third Florida company, also named Skyway Aircraft Inc., but based in Clearwater, Fla. …is linked to a fifth cocaine plane….

So, lessee… we sell planes to narcotraffickers to generate funds for illegal, “off-the-shelf” foreign policy ventures run by the intel agencies, prop up narcotraffickers to help promote antagonistic foreign policy, narcotize Americans and, when the moment is optimal for media coverage, bust one of the planes we supplied.

Who said that cheaters never prosper?

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Mexico, March 25 2008

Posted by Charles II on March 25, 2008

The Mexican opposition has stolen a march on the US by publishing a newspaper based on a blog. Sendero del Peje is now in print. Where’s my Daily Kos? 

Mexico plans to spend $21B to increase the proportion of people getting clean water to 95% and the number with sewage service to 90%, plus treat 60% of sewage, all in time for the next election.  Mexico City, ironically, suffers both flooding and subsidence from pumping out the lake it floats on.

Dozens of Mexican Indians have formed a guerrilla army called the Revolutionary Army of the People in Rebellion in the mountains of the state of Guerrero. Rejecting all political parties, they say their purpose is to defend national natural resources from foreign exploitation. A spokesman alleged that helicopters and sophisticated armaments requisitioned supposedly for the drug war under Plan Merida are being diverted into repressing anti-poverty groups. 

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has mobilized the majority faction in the PRD known as the Broad Progessive Front (“Frente Amplia Progresista,” basically, all non-DLC-style PRDists)  to oppose energy privatization. The New Left (Nueva Izquierda) will not participate in the demonstrations. 

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Abandoning Afghanistan

Posted by MEC on March 25, 2008

Remember when we liberated Afghanistan from the terrorists and turned it into a real democracy with hopes of a bright future?The Bush Administration has forgotten.

The United States has not delivered US$5 billion worth of aid it has pledged to help rebuild Afghanistan, half of a US$10 billion shortfall from pledges made by the international community, a report released today found.


The report also criticized the large differences being spent on aid project and military operations.

“While the US military is currently spending US$100 million a day in Afghanistan, aid spent by all donors since 2001 is on average less than a tenth of that — just US$7 million a day,” Waldman wrote. “This is a shortsighted policy.”

About 90 percent of all public spending in Afghanistan comes from international aid, the report said.

“Shortsighted” is an understatement. We haven’t created a democracy in Afghanistan, we’ve created a permanent crisis, a crisis that already threatens Pakistan and could spread instability and hostility even farther than that. The U.S. government could come up with the $5 billion it pledged by digging under the sofa cushions in the Pentagon. But Halliburton and Blackwater don’t administer aid projects, so the Busheviks will never honor that pledge.

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Mind The Gap

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 25, 2008

It’s a measure of just how much the media has fluffed John “Keating Five” McCain and trashed the Clintons over the years that Mister Stray Talk Excess is seen as being more “trustworthy” than Hillary Clinton or even Barack Obama:

March 18, 2008

Perceived Honesty Gap for Clinton Versus Obama, McCain

McCain most likely to be viewed as a strong leader

by Jeffrey M. Jones

PRINCETON, NJ — Hillary Clinton is rated as “honest and trustworthy” by 44% of Americans, far fewer than say this about John McCain (67%) and Barack Obama (63%).

The press jumped on Hillary’s “Tuzla sniper fire” tale, and rightly so. But it would be nice if they were to jump every bit as hard, if not harder, onto the far more serious story about “straight talker” McCain’s breaking campaign-finance law. Hey, c’mon, GOP/Media Complex: Even a decidedly Toryish outfit like the Financial Times is horrified by McCain, now that they’ve got a good look at him without your rose-colored filters intervening. IF they can report the honest and icky truth about McCain, so can you.

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Politico: GOP State Party Orgs Near Collapse

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 25, 2008

This is interesting:

At a time when the GOP presidential nominee will need more assistance than ever, a number of state Republican parties are struggling through troubled times, suffering from internal strife, poor fundraising, onerous debt, scandal or voting trends that are conspiring to relegate the local branches of the party to near-irrelevance.


“After twelve years of being in power, you tend to get fat and lazy, and in some cases arrogant with respect to your positions,” said Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican party. “There is no doubt that we have had people who have gotten caught up in both illegal activities and immoral activities and none of that helps the party as a whole.

“If you go back to 2006 most people would agree that not only did we lose our brand, that we damaged our brand significantly,” Anuzis said. “We are clearly rebuilding.”

What’s happening is that the sane people are leaving the GOP. They’ve got a nice good look at what happens when the GOP’s base has free rein, and it’s not pretty. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Howard Dean’s insistence on building up strong state Democratic party orgs paid off in 2006 and will pay even more dividends this year.

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