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They Call Him Babylon Joe…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 4, 2008

…or is it “Babble On Joe“?

MIDDLE EAST: Another Iran faux pas?

Sen. Joe Lieberman was trying to portray presidential contender Barack Obama as a no-nothing on Iraq. But he may have stumbled himself, inventing a whole new militant group supposedly destabilizing Iraq.

In a Fox News interview Wednesday, the Connecticut lawmaker and backer of Republican presidential nominee John McCain said that if the U.S. heeded Obama’s advice, a group called “Al Qaeda in Iran” would have taken over Iraq.

Here’s what Lieberman said:

Sen. Obama doesn’t come to this debate with a lot of credibility. Basically on the question of Iraq, John McCain has had the guts to stand out on his own arguing for what he thought was right. And it turned out that he was right about the surge working to improve conditions in Iraq. If we did what Sen. Obama wanted us to do last year, Al-Qaeda in Iran [NOTE: SEE UPDATE BELOW] would be in control of Iraq today. The whole Middle East would be in turmoil and American security and credibility would be jeopardized.

There’s no such thing as Al Qaeda in Iran, though Al Qaeda of Iraq has given U.S. and Iraqi forces plenty of trouble.

In fact, Shiite Iran and Sunni Al Qaeda are bitter enemies, though they may have had some dealings in the past. Al Qaeda’s number two vehemently denounced Iran in an online interview that was released in recent days.

Ironically Lieberman himself corrected Sen. John McCain who alleged during a visit to Jordan last month that Al Qaeda was being trained in Iran.

There’s also very little chance that Iraq, which is 60% Shiite and 20% Kurdish, would allow Al Qaeda of Iran, Iraq or Mars to take over their country. Maybe they’d be a continued menace or nuisance, but there was little chance even a weak Iraqi government would have allowed Al Qaeda to dominate Iraq as the Taliban did when the Soviet Union left Afghanistan. The numbers just don’t work.

Of course, rather than admit being wrong, Lieberman and/or his minders have now asked and got his friends at FOX News to change their transcript to fit Lieberman’s current version of events — even though the sentence as newly-airbrushed by FOX doesn’t read like natural speech, whereas the original version with “Al-Qaeda in Iran” does. [UPDATE: As a friend of mine just said elsewhere, another point is that even if Lieberman meant to say al Qaeda and Iran” would be running Iraq, he’s basically saying they’ve be allies. That’s even stupider than the first interpretation.] As Jane said over at FDL, this is grasping at what the meaning of “in” is.

Just the sort of behavior you’d expect from a guy who rewarded the Clintons for standing with him in 2006 by backing McCain in 2008.

3 Responses to “They Call Him Babylon Joe…”

  1. Charles II said

    How does Joe Lieberman conclude his interview with Fox? Take it away, Joe:

    “LIEBERMAN: Happy April fool’s day.[sic]”

    No, you can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Ben Keeler said

    I dont think anyine should be questioning Lieberman’s loyalty after the entire Dem party tried to run him over with a bus.

  3. Charles II said

    The only pity is that they missed.

    Ben, Joe Lieberman got thrown out of the Democratic party because he betrayed very basic Democratic principles and, indeed, scriptural principles. It’s those he has been disloyal to.

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