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Those Danged State Gummint Regulators!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 22, 2008

How dare they try to save our planet from doom?

California is one of 25 states that have adopted laws that require electric utilities to use more renewable resources, and that has sent utilities scrambling to line up wind and solar projects across the country. Electric utilities that have long relied on coal, nuclear energy and natural gas to power their generating plants are buying into biomass projects from Minnesota to Virginia, solar plants in the deserts of California and Arizona, and wind farms from Maine to West Texas.

Meanwhile, even as the conservatives still mock solar energy, the Pentagon is quietly moving to use it. The US’ largest solar installation is at Nellis Air Force Base just outside of Las Vegas. The system, which went online last December, supplies at least 25 megawatts of power, or at least 25% of the base’s total energy needs. It’s saving the Air Force — and the taxpayer — $1 million a year and the Air Force didn’t have to pay for the installation.


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