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Sometimes The Jokes Just Write Themselves

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 29, 2008

It’s really funny how that group of tax scofflaws known as the Minnesota Republican Party is going after perceived boo-boos in Al Franken’s business tax filings.

It’s even funnier when you realize that Norm Coleman’s part-time wife Laurie is as vulnerable if not more so than Norm’s election opponent Franken to these sorts of allegations.

And it’s laugh-out-hilarious when you realize that a senator’s wife really is a spokesperson for a product named “Blo-and-Go”. (“Blo-and-Go”? I thought that’s what Norm’s dad got in the parking lot of the Savoy a few years back.)

UPDATE: What makes this especially sweet is how this turns a favorite trick of the GOP against them. The trick is to send a letter of complaint to some adjudicating agency — doesn’t have to be fact-based at all; in fact, the use of facts in context is death to a typical GOP complaint letter — then scream to their favorite tame media folk and/or paid stenobloggers that “a complaint has been filed” without putting too much emphasis on the fact that the Republicans were the ones that wrote the letter in the first place. Cons hate it when we turn their tools against them; it pushes their buttons and makes them gnash their teeth in impotent frustration. We can now say, just as truthfully as they can about Franken, that Laurie Coleman is ‘under investigation’ by the State of California. And just as with the complaint against Franken, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a meaningful response with the force of law behind it.


5 Responses to “Sometimes The Jokes Just Write Themselves”

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  2. brownbuffalo said

    I’m happy to hear things may be turning around for Franken on this story, but yesterday I went and read some comments at Grand Forks, MN Star, and the like and was SHOCKED at the level of vitriol directed at Sr. Al. I don’t typically read comments at those sites, so who know how representative they are of anything, but still, it was quite disconcerting all the same.

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  4. Brownbuffalo, I generally don’t bother with most newspaper comments sites because the same half-dozen righties are in them sucking up all the oxygen and trashing the signal-to-noise ratio.

    Meanwhile, we find out that, after careful review, while Franken’s accountant has oopsed to the tune of about $53,000 since 2003, or a little over ten grand a year, he probably actually overpaid in both New York state and Minnesota. Considering that Franken’s 2006 tax bill for those two states alone was $917,344, one can see where a mistake of $10,000 a year, either under- or overpayment, would be easy to miss. But if you’re a Republican party org looking to distract attention from your own financial follies while trying to protect a Senate seat you won by default and are in danger of losing, well, grasping at straws just comes naturally for you.

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