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Another Fox Flees the Henhouse

Posted by MEC on April 30, 2008


Lurita Doan, who did her best to turn the General Services Administration into a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican National Committee, has resigned.

The agency’s inspector general criticized Doan for signing off on a $20,000 no-bid contract with a friend’s public relations agency and accused her of “a disregard for the rules” in managing the $17 billion agency.

But wait, there’s more:

The government’s Office of Special Counsel, which protects civil service employees, accused Doan of violating federal law by hosting a January 2007 briefing by a White House official on Republican targets for the 2008 elections. According to witnesses, Doan asked the political appointees present how the GSA “can help our candidates” in upcoming races.

When Henry Waxman summoned Ms. Doan to a Congressional hearing and asked her about these obvious breaches of the public trust, the Congressional Republicans accused him of racism. Strange how they only worry about that when one of their own is being held accountable for misdeeds.


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What Is the Real Purpose of the No-Fly List?

Posted by MEC on April 30, 2008


The real purpose of the no-fly list can’t possibly be to keep air travelers safer.

The list has prevented air marshals from boarding the planes they’re assigned to protect. The marshals have been complaining about this problem “for years” (probably since the list was compiled) and nothing has been done to fix it.

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So Call Me Cynical

Posted by MEC on April 30, 2008

What they say: Obama looks to put controversial pastor behind him.

What they’re thinking: “But we won’t let that happen.”

Note that the headline suggests Senator Obama is responsible for tangling himself up with the Jeremiah Wright faux scandal, as if the mediawhores who keep writing about it have nothing to do with making this nonstory a Big Deal.


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Group Behind North Carolina Robocalls IDed

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 30, 2008

You may have heard about the infamous “Lamont Williams” robocalls in North Carolina, calls targeted to the African-American population and containing bogus voting information apparently designed to keep them from voting.

Well, the group behind them has been identified. From Facing South via Daily Kos:

Who’s behind the mysterious “robo-calls” that have spread misleading voter information and sown confusion and frustration among North Carolina residents over the last week?

Facing South has confirmed the source of the calls, and the mastermind is Women’s Voices Women Vote, a D.C.-based nonprofit which aims to boost voting among “unmarried women voters.”

What’s more, Facing South has learned that the firestorm Women’s Voices has ignited in North Carolina isn’t the group’s first brush with controversy. Women’s Voices’ questionable tactics have spawned thousands of voter complaints in at least 11 states and brought harsh condemnation from some election officials for their secrecy, misleading nature and likely violations of election law.

How are they doing it? This way: Read the rest of this entry »

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So Much For That Bit Of Hissy Kabuki

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 30, 2008

Remember the whole manufactured scandal the tax scofflaws of the Minnesota Republican Party tried to gin up around Al Franken’s taxes?

Well, we just found out that, after careful review by an outside team of accountants, while Franken’s accountant has oopsed to the tune of about $53,000 since 2003, or a little over ten grand a year, he probably actually overpaid in both New York state and Minnesota. Considering that Franken’s 2006 tax bill for those two states alone was $917,344, one can see where a mistake of $10,000 a year, either under- or overpayment, would be easy to miss. But if you’re a Republican party org looking to distract attention from your own financial follies while trying to protect a Senate seat you won by default and are in danger of losing, well, grasping at straws just comes naturally for you.

And we’re still wondering if a similarly thorough and punitive review of Laurie and Norm Coleman’s business enterprises might be something they’d want to avoid. (“Blo-and-Go“? Seriously?)

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