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Three In A Row

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 14, 2008

Il-14, LA-06, and now MS-01.

All heavily Republican congressional districts. Two of them in the South. All of them came up for grabs in special elections this year. All of them faced heavy 527 and other pro-GOP ad buys that thought that tying the Democratic candidates to Obama and Pelosi would sink them.

And the Democrats have now won each of them.

The game, she is changing.

4 Responses to “Three In A Row”

  1. Stormcrow said

    Ye gods, this is sweet.

    And the left blogosphere is diggin’ it. In November there will be no safe Republican seats.

  2. MEC said

    For me, Mississippi is the mind-boggling victory. In 2001, the Mississippi Democratic Party didn’t even have a web site.

    So, Inner Circle Democrats, what do you have to say now about Dean’s 50-State Strategy?

  3. Stormcrow said

    What else?

    They’ll keep on dreaming until they’re out of jobs as well. LOL

  4. Kos mentioned that very thing this morning, quoting Begala’s dismissive comments about Dean’s giving money to activists in Mississippi.

    You want permanent state/local party orgs for the same reason that you want permanently-funded think tanks and 527s: So they can immediately react to things like congressional seats opening up. One of the reasons that Ari Fleischer’s group “Freedom’s Watch” hasn’t been able to affect the game (well, besides using old incantations that don’t work the way they once did) is because the group’s main sugar daddy, Adelson the Vegas casino owner, hasn’t been willing to fund the group 24/7. (I suspect that the general economic downturn is hitting him, even though much of his business is from overseas clientele, and he may have decided that the $200-odd million he’d threatened to spend was best held in reserve to shore up his liquidity; he may be one of America’s richest men on paper, but how much of that is tied up in non-liquid assets?)

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