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Just Wondering

Posted by MEC on May 18, 2008

Considering that the Democrats have a majority in both houses of Congress, and everybody’s expecting them to get an even bigger majority in the upcoming election, why is C-SPAN running a program on the “Republican Congressional Agenda”?

And when the Republicans controlled Congress, did C-SPAN ever run a program on the Democratic Congressional Agenda?

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Sunday Flower Blogging

Posted by MEC on May 18, 2008


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Want To Know What Republicans Are Doing?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 18, 2008

Look and see what they’re accusing Democrats of doing.

To wit: We find that Will Perry, the son of fabulously rich Swift Boat sugar daddy Bob Perry, is filing for bankruptcy to get out from under a divorce settlement. Hey, maybe if Daddy Bob hadn’t dropped nearly $20 million in the last four years into his pet conservative causes, his poor little darling son wouldn’t be forced out into the street.

What? You say that Will really isn’t that poor, but is just trying to hide his assets from his ex? How cynical of you!

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Bioremediation And Biofuels: The Asian Angle

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 18, 2008

China bought into the grain-for-ethanol scheme in 2002, but then started to back away from it 2006 for pretty much the same reasons we in the west have soured on ethanol: Rising grain prices and the basic immorality of taking good, arable land and using it to grow fuel and not food. (Not to mention the rapid depletion of groundwater that accompanies corn ethanol production.)

Lately, they’ve been giving biofuels another try — except this time they’re not using grain, but crops such as cassava, which Chinese farmers have grown for centuries, to turn wastelands into both carbon sinks (cassava being very good at trapping CO2, as well as putting out carbohydrates in amounts suitable for energy feedstocks) and feedstocks for biofuel production.

Sounds like the Chinese are doing what’s known as “bioremediation”: Using various plant crops — it doesn’t have to be cassava; the Chinese are mainly using cassava because that’s a crop their farmers know how to grow; it could be switchgrass or sunflowers or even fast-growing types of trees — they are working on cleaning their brownfields (the plants harvested will pull toxins from the soil and sequester carbon) AND turning the plants into fuel. (Cassava is particularly good at removing heavy-metal toxins from wastewater, by the way.)

This isn’t the only foray by China into bioremediation: Chinese and Japanese scientists are studying a type of seaweed that thrives in polluted waters, with a view to using it as compost if possible if it can be safely composted after it absorbs the waste in the water in which it grows.

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