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Lieberman: Hagee is a Moses

Posted by Charles II on May 23, 2008

Be sure not to miss the senior Senator from Connecticut’s ringing endorsement of the man who’s pressing God for a new and improved Holocaust here.

3 Responses to “Lieberman: Hagee is a Moses”

  1. Stormcrow said

    Well, that’s something else Lierman and McCain have in common. When they get into a punch-up, they both lead with their face.

    One would think that after just witnessing Johnny Freeride’s humiliation, Holy Joe would refuse to touch Hagee with a 22 foot pole. But NoooOOOooo. He has to go play with traffic.

    Ye gods, these people are stupid.

  2. Oh, yes.

    Thing is, it’s not just Holy Joe and Reverse Ace who are his buds — a sizable chunk of the GOP is tied to this clown via Abramoff.

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