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House Democrats’ Budget Plan

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 7, 2008

Here ’tis.

What do you all think? Doable? Sensible?

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Call The Waaaaaambulance

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 7, 2008

By now we’ve all heard about Barack Obama meeting Hillary Clinton Thursday evening in DC.

I have no idea what they told each other, but I am darkly amused by hearing that the press that follows Obama around was angry at him for having managed to elude them to go meet privately with Hillary.

Remember how in 2000 the press whined about Gore for not being like Bush and holding lots of press conferences, even though they were with him nearly 24/7 on his plane and had total access to him there? (The “Love Story” silliness, in fact, came from a misreported conversation Gore had with reporters on the campaign plane.) It was one of the reasons given for the horrifically negative and bogus hit-jobs the press did against him then.

Yet that same press wasn’t anywhere near as outraged when Candidate Bush temporarily stopped his presscons in January 2000, and cheerfully let their good buddy Bush spend huge chunks of his time at private meetings without so much as a murmur, and barely raised a peep when he drastically cut back on his press conferences and overall press access after becoming president (he’d only had fifteen pressconferences up to September 2004).

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