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Congratulations to CA-08

Posted by Charles II on June 9, 2008

CA-08 did its duty, fielding a primary opponent to Nancy Pelosi, the woman who took impeachment off the table and thereby guaranteed that George Bush would not get his just deserts.

With very little funding and no political experience, a significant protest vote was recorded for challenger Shirley Golub:

Shirley Golub 8,789 10.9 %
Nancy Pelosi 71,563 89.1 %

In the fall election, Pelosi faces Cindy Sheehan. Because there essentially no chance of a Republican being elected from that district, many Californians may be tempted to give Sheehan a chance. In any case, thousands of good people have already stood forth and told Pelosi that she is in the wrong.

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OK, Now I Understand McCain’s Game Plan

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 9, 2008

It’s to say and do stuff so stupid that Barack Obama is in dire danger of giving himself a stroke laughing at it:

Swimming upstream, McCain policy advisor Douglas Holtz-Eakin now argues that it is Senator Obama – not McCain – who wants to continue Bush’s fiscal policies. Obama’s budget “is dedicated to the recent Bush tradition of spending money on everything,” he said.

Um, no. As the people at Think Progress pointed out, once they got over their fit of the giggles, this is exactly backwards from reality:

Like Bush, McCain has proposed massive tax cuts that primarily benefit high-income households. McCain’s $300 billion a year in tax cuts – over and above the cost of extending the Bush tax cuts when they expire in 2010 – would essentially double the size of the Bush tax cuts and make them even more regressive.

Like Bush, McCain’s massive tax cuts and spending on security leaves little for other priorities. Over the past eight years, other types of discretionary spending have remained essentially unchanged after inflation and population growth. McCain would continue the pattern of putting huge tax cuts and defense spending ahead of other needs, like preschool and renewable energy.

Like Bush, McCain rails against wasteful spending in the abstract but fails to target any actual programs. His promises to eliminate earmarks and freeze spending could save $30 billion a year or even less. That leaves him short the quite noticeable sum of $270 billion a year. (Holtz-Eakin told Bloomberg that McCain has a secret plan to balance the budget, but he hasn’t shared it with the Concord Coalition — or those of us at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, for that matter.)

Like Bush, McCain is likely to drive up the national debt by trillions of dollars. Bush took a debt of $3.4 trillion – and headed down – up to $5.4 trillion. McCain’s budget plan would drive the deficit to $12.7 trillion.

Obama’s budgetary expenditures, unlike McCain’s, are actually financed and not just borrowed. Even the Wall Street Journal grudgingly admits that Barack Obama’s budget “adds up, probably,” while McCain’s plan “would either cause the federal deficit to explode or would require unprecedented spending cuts.”

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