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Top Ten Signs Barack Obama Is Too Black

Posted by MEC on June 10, 2008

From the incomparable MacDaffy, a response to the inevitable leading questions suggesting that Barack Obama is “too black” to be elected President.

Top Ten Signs Barack Obama Is Too Black

10. Fist bumps Senator Dick Durbin after every successful vote.

9. Drunken 3 a.m. calls to HBO taking them to task for always getting his initials wrong.

8. Has custom rims installed on Secret Service vehicles.

7. First presidential nominee to serve Kool-Aid (red) at a press conference.

6. Michelle makes him have the limo pull over when “her song” is on.

5. Washington D.C. crime statistics plummet after Obama’s historic “Don’t Y’All Make Me Come Down There!” speech.

4. Senators begin to refer to each other as “The Honorable Mothah-f*ckah From…”

3. Windows rattle when Obama’s limo gets within three blocks.

2. Senator Lieberman learns—first-hand—what “bitch slap” means.

1. Proposed foreign policy: “Don’t start none; won’t be none!”

This list could also be titled “Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama”. Especially #2.

(Originally posted in Salon’s Table Talk.)

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Same-Sex Couples Good Role Models for Marriage

Posted by MEC on June 10, 2008

We already knew that “Allowing homosexuals to marry will destroy the instution of marriage!” was bigoted fearmongering with no basis in reality. Now we have a growing body of evidence that, to the contrary, “traditional” married couples can learn something about how to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship by emulating the behavior of same-sex couples.

Notably, same-sex relationships, whether between men or women, were far more egalitarian than heterosexual ones.


While the gay and lesbian couples had about the same rate of conflict as the heterosexual ones, they appeared to have more relationship satisfaction, suggesting that the inequality of opposite-sex relationships can take a toll.

Seems to me that the real threat to “traditional” marriage is the “traditional values” that dictate inequality between the partners.

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Timing Was Never Their Strong Suit

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 10, 2008

Um, ladies, wasn’t the time to cash one last check on this back when Hillary was still the favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination?

Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones are offering Internet viewers the lurid details of encounters they claim they had with former President Clinton — for $1.99 a pop.

The women, who gained notoriety in the early 1990s after claiming to have had sexual encounters with Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas, have created a Web site offering videos of their thoughts on Clinton, his wife Hillary and other matters. Each video segment is available for $1.99.

Wait — didn’t Paula Jones maintain that even though he allegedly tried to get her in the sack, she never actually had a “sexual encounter” with Bill Clinton? Then again, Paula Corbin Jones’ story was, to put it mildly, full of inconsistencies.

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McClellan Says He’ll Testify

Posted by MEC on June 10, 2008

Scott McClellan has said he has accepted an invitation to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the leak of Valerie Plame’s CIA role. The hearing is scheduled for Friday, June 20.

Let’s see Bush claim Executive Privilege to stop McClellan from testifying, after his minions have been out there claiming McClellan was never party to confidential discussions and never got privileged information.

Scott, stay out of small planes, okay?

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Blog Day For Steve Sarvi

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 10, 2008

Steve Sarvi’s facing immoderate Republican John Kline in Minnesota’s Second District. He’s ActBlue endorsed.

Think Tim Walz in 2006. This seat is ripe for the picking — Jim Ramstad, an actual moderate Republican, held it for a long time until he retired. MNCR and Two-Putt have more.

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Paranoia The Destroyer

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 10, 2008

Attytood (aka Will Bunch) points out a New Jersey newspaper editor being an idiot.

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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 10, 2008

– So Apple’s come out with the better, cheaper iPhone. It’s all very nice, but it needs to have cut/copy-and-paste functionality; then it really will be the killer PDA and the laptop replacement for on-the-go air travelers in this era of $50 extra for each checked bag.

– “GOP Insiders Worry About McCain“. Yeah, I’d worry too if my guy had spent four months virtually untouched by any primary flames while the folks on the other side had a knockdown-dragout fight and the winner of that bruising fight was pulling ahead of my guy.

– Ooops! Somehow I don’t think Iraq’s signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Iran is one of the outcomes the PNAC Platoon had in mind when they sent our troops forth to topple Saddam. The louder the PNAC and Likud/Kadima crowd rattle their sabers against Iran, the closer Iraq draws to Iran.

MEC noted earlier that the post-mortems of the Democratic primary campaign just passed are all “Why Hillary Lost”, falsely implying that she should have won and that Obama somehow lucked into the nomination. Drew Westen at Huffington Post agrees with her:

So what when wrong? Hillary Clinton had the misfortune of running against a candidate too much like her husband in his extraordinary capacity to inspire.

As Bob Kerrey, tongue-in-cheek, summarized her biggest mistake in his op-ed in the New York Times, “She and President Clinton should have moved back to her home state after they left the White House. By doing so, she would have been elected the junior senator from Illinois in 2004, thereby reducing the chances that Mr. Obama would have been in a position to run against her.”

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