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We Interrupt This Program

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 14, 2008

The Obama campaign sent out this e-mail yesterday:

We need your help right now.

In Quincy, Illinois and surrounding areas, the river is expected to crest on Monday or Tuesday.
There are emergency sandbagging operations going on right now and
public officials have put out a call for all available volunteers. Your
help is desperately needed.

The widespread flooding in the Midwest has affected millions of
people. We have an opportunity to use our grassroots movement to make a
real impact at a time of urgent need.

If you can assist, please travel to one of these areas this weekend:


Oakley-Lindsey Civic Center

South 3rd St. and Kentucky St.

Quincy, IL 62301

Map and Directions

Saturday and Sunday, June 14th – 15th

6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Volunteers are asked to come through the north doors of the
Oakley-Lindsey Center. Everyone will be asked to sign a registration
sheet as they enter and leave so the city can keep track of the
volunteer service.
Volunteers are encouraged to bring shovels, gloves and sturdy shoes.
If you’d like to help sandbag in Niota you can call Hancock County emergency services at 217-357-6004 for more information.


Volunteers are still needed in Ursa. The operation is underway
at Shaffer Farm, along the Ursa blacktop road, 1/8 mile west of the
North Bottoms Road.

Volunteers are also requesting cold bottled water for those who are working.

More information on volunteering in this area:
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by the recent flooding through the Midwest.
If you are not able to make it to Quincy but would like to help, visit the American Red Cross to donate to their relief efforts or find out how to get involved.
Obama for America

Please help, if you can.

UPDATE: Obama cancelled a planned appearance in Iowa so he wouldn’t be in the way of the people trying to deal with the flooding that was already happening; instead, he chose to organize relief efforts and to do some sandbagging in Illinois towns a bit further downstream, to try and head off the flooding for them as much as possible.

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Republicans move to cut doctors’s pay, silence truth tellers

Posted by Charles II on June 14, 2008

Annie has the story. Meanwhile, Medicare is being defrauded to the tune of tens of billions.

And just to make sure that you can’t find out about it, Bush has ordered employees not to testify to Congress or make public budgetary projections

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Posted by Charles II on June 14, 2008

Dave Neiwert has the details.

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Republicans shut down Senate hearings

Posted by Charles II on June 14, 2008

In possibly the most arrogant and despicable act of over a decade of concentrated assault on the institutions of American government, the Republicans have invoked a Senate rule requiring unanimous consent for hearings lasting more than two hours to stop all hearings into things that might embarrass them. All it takes is one Senator and can be done anonymously. Digby has the story.

This is an abuse of power and the act of a desperately corrupt party. But I presume that the Democrats have the power to name names and put heat on the parties involved.

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Saturday Iris Blogging

Posted by MEC on June 14, 2008

Because, well, irises.

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This Is So Typical

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 14, 2008

Joe Bodell of Minnesota Campaign Report mentions that Michael Brodkorb, our favorite paid Republican operative claiming to be “independent”, is having a staged hissy kabuki fit over Robin Marty’s post that included a tweak at those conservatives who really do think God uses hurricanes and tornadoes to attack gays. As Joe says:

Robin’s post below wasn’t a joke — it was a rhetorical question calling out right-wing leaders for the ridiculous hypocrisy of their assertion that Hurricane Katrina was punishment for New Orleans’ tolerance of their oft-pilloried “homosexual lifestyle.” Most rational, thinking human beings who listen to the news can pick up on the irony of that claim compared to a group of Boy Scouts, members of an organization which has had its own issues with tolerance of gays, being tragically caught in a storm.

The even greater irony is that Michael Brodkorb, a bought-and-paid-for appliance of the Republican Party of Minnesota, still wants to be so petty as to not link to the post he attacks as “insensitive and extreme.” This is an ongoing issue in which Michael will link only to content that doesn’t directly or loudly call him to the mat to account for his practice of sockpuppetry on behalf of Republican Party units and campaigns, reprinting press releases without comment, devoid of any real analysis or political ideology, and my site, by policy, doesn’t get any links.

If Mr. Brodkorb were really interested in offering readers an alternate point of view, he would link to the post to let readers get the whole picture. But he’s not, and probably won’t.

Of course he won’t. One does wonder if a growing number of his readers are wondering why he doesn’t link to certain people.

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Iraqi Sovereignty

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 14, 2008

Aaron McGruder defined it a while back — at least, he defined it in the way that Bush and the PNAC Platoon thought it should work:

Not much to add to that.

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