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Wonder If This Person Was An “Operation Chaos” Mole?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 16, 2008

Ho-hum. Another day, another McCain racism scandal comes to light h/t TPM’s Election Central:

A key organizer of John McCain’s meeting Saturday with former supporters of Hillary Clinton is best known for her role in another bitter American fight: The effort by some white descendants of Thomas Jefferson to keep his possible African-American descendants out of family gatherings.


But Abeles first made the news in 2003, when she and her husband, then-Monticello Association President Nat Abeles, led the fight to keep members of the Hemings family — descendants of Jefferson slave and, some historians believe, mistress Sally Hemmings — out of a gathering of the Monticello Association, which is made up of lineal descendants of the third president.

Even better: Abeles assumed the online sock-puppet persona of a 67-year-old black woman, and frequented internet chat rooms in that persona, in an effort to keep Hemming’s descendants from appearing at the Monticello gathering. Paging Mary Rosh!

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