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Surprise! Bush Lies About Oil Crisis

Posted by MEC on June 21, 2008

George W. Bush used his weekly radio address to blame the Democrats for high gasoline prices. The reason the prices are so high, he claims, is that the Democrats won’t let him have the energy policy he wants.

The energy policy Bush wants, I don’t need to tell you, is “Give everything to the oil companies.” Specifically, Bush is trying to convince us that ending the ban on offshore drilling will lower gas prices.

Democrats and other critics of Bush’s Big Oil agenda point out that oil companies already have leases for 68 million acres on federal lands and waters that are not being developed. If they’re not drilling in the territory they already have leased, why give them control of more territory?

But, say Big Oil’s allies, those 68 million acres don’t count because sometimes it takes years for actual development to take place.

Stop right there.

Ceding more territory to the oil companies will lower our gasoline prices now when the oil supply won’t be increased until years from now?

If the oil companies are spending more money without getting anything in return, they’ll charge lower prices?

No. Reality doesn’t work that way.

George W. Bush may believe that things must happen the way he wants just because he says so, but the rest of us know better than that.

2 Responses to “Surprise! Bush Lies About Oil Crisis”

  1. Bingo!

  2. Indiana hardworking woman said

    The only thing good about Bush is that he is almost done wrecking this country!!!! Well, I guess we will pay for yrs for all his lame decisions!! Thanks George!

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