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One-buttock playing

Posted by Charles II on June 26, 2008

The new Zen, via Paul Kedrosky.

(TED Conference original here)

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New York Senate Shakeup: Good For Marriage Equality?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 26, 2008

Probably, per both The Albany Project and The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld:

New York’s senate majority leader, Joseph Bruno, a 32-year institution in the state senate, announced his retirement Tuesday just as the GOP and Democrats gird for an election season that will determine the fate of the chamber and, potentially, New York’s gay marriage bill.

Democrats need to pick up two seats this November in order to gain control of the senate — something most LGBT activists wager would hasten the process of getting a same-sex marriage bill to the desk of Gov. David Paterson, who has supported marriage equality since the mid ’90s. The New York assembly is Democrat-controlled and passed a marriage bill last year.

Democratic strategists said Bruno’s exit raises questions about how effectively the GOP can raise money in his absence and whether they can hold certain constituencies together.

“One of the key pillars of Bruno’s support and support for the Republican senate majority has been the labor unions, including progressive unions that you wouldn’t think would be helping to keep a Republican majority in Albany,” said Ethan Geto, an LGBT activist and Democratic political consultant. “His stepping down doesn’t mean that on a wholesale basis all the unions who have been supporting the Republican majority will abandon them, but I think a number of them will.”

It’s not made much news in the national media, but the New York State GOP is in the process of imploding. Even the spectacular fall from grace of Eliot Spitzer hasn’t stopped or even appreciably slowed this process. Joe Bruno’s leaving is being put down by many to two factors: 1) The lead-pipe-cinch likelihood that Democrats will retake the state Senate (which is probably why Bruno recently had the Senate Minority conference room renovated after years of neglect: He wanted his caucus’ future digs to be spruced up while he still held the purse strings), and 2) the longstanding FBI probe of Bruno, which seems to have heated up just as he made his farewells to public office. (He’d apparently hoped that quitting his Senate seat would make the FBI go away. Didn’t work.)

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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 26, 2008

— I’ve seen lots of conservative Democrats seeking to win elections by running from Obama. This is the first time I’ve seen a Republican (Oregon’s Gordon Smith) seeking to win an election by embracing him. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Republican seeking to win an election embracing any Democrat over his or her Republican rival.

— BroadStar Wind Systems says it has the first $1-a-watt wind turbine. $1-a-watt is what electricity from coal currently costs, and that cost is going to go up while wind turbine costs go down. No wonder T. Boone Pickens is investing in wind power.

— In other windy news, 50,000 Delaware homes will be powered by an offshore wind farm. The power usage represents one-half of the farm’s output; the surplus energy will be sold to other customers.

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