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Funny How I’ve Only Seen This At Salon

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 2, 2008

You’d think that the toppling of the alleged Cable News Ratings Leader would, y’know, be news.

But I only know about this because I happened to be reading Steve Benen at Salon this morning:

In the first quarter of 2008, Fox News, after six years of cable-news ratings dominance, saw itself slip into second place behind CNN in the so-called money demo — viewers in their mid-20s through mid-50s, whom advertisers care about most. The shift came thanks to a series of competitive primary nights and debates among Democratic candidates, after the Republican nomination had already been settled.

As it turns out, in the second quarter, as the Democratic race quieted down and the general election campaigning began, Fox News reclaimed the lead, but just barely. The New York Times reports that the “back-and-forth these last few months masks a more ominous trend for Fox News.”


Clearly, the Democratic race, and the fact that the Democratic candidates wouldn’t debate on Fox News, had something to do with the shift. But as the Times noted, “Disproportionate interest in the Democratic campaign alone cannot explain the struggles of Fox relative to years past, and the gains of its competitors.” The paper suggested Fox News’ competitors have caught up thanks to an “emphasis on sharp opinions, glitzy graphics and big personalities.”

Maybe. I’d offer an alternative explanation: As the conservative movement falls apart, and the country is ready to move away from the Bush/Republican status quo, Fox News’ shtick has grown pretty tiresome. Time’s James Poniewozik argued recently that the network “has to figure out how not to seem like yesterday’s news.”

Thing is, even the non-FOX mainstream press are invested in the idea that conservatism such as what FOX promotes is the default “center” nowadays.

I wouldn’t fret too much. FOX will still be the site of choice if you want to see key Bush Administration figures being shown in what they and FOX execs think is as flattering a light as possible.


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