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Mexico, July 5th 2008

Posted by Charles II on July 5, 2008

There has been little news. The Pemex privatization seems to be going forward. Massive demonstrations against it and the illegitimate government are held regularly. The militarization of the countryside, augmented by American weapons and money under the guise of a drug war, continues. The economy declines as the stock market remains not far off its highs.

Calderon has announced the creation of a nature preserve in the Lake Texcoco area. Traffic restrictions are in effect in Mexico City. Air quality improved to 91 Imeca points, which I take to mean implies that the air is no longer semi-solid.

One good thing: La Jornada is doing a beta edition in English here. So far, it’s not much. But if they can pull this off, it could become a real resource.


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You know your church is in trouble when…

Posted by Charles II on July 5, 2008

…it invites a notorious adulterer and hypocrite to teach morality, a purveyor of hate to preach the gospel

Newt Gingrich preaches at First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Newt Gingrich preaches at First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Granted, Fourth of July services tend to be a bit more nationalistic and militaristic than the Prince of Peace might have wanted, but this is ridiculous.  

I suffered through half of it. It’s the same old Newt, coming out with classics like (approximately), “The next time someone tells you that you don’t have the right to join the military and defend civilization against destruction…”  and that (I paraphrase) “Totalitarian states are always secular” (like Israel under Ahab and the Baal-worshipping Jezebel, right, Newt?). I don’t know if Newt is planning on running for office again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t his vice-presidential bid.

From about 7/6-7/12, you can watch it here. It was prefaced with a video justifying the Iraq war as a war for American freedom. Jesus would have just loooooved it.

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Foxy Flakes

Posted by Charles II on July 5, 2008

FOX News has a achieved a new low, doctoring photos of NYT reporter Jacques Steinberg and his boss Steven Reddicliffe. The way they doctored the photographs was notable, enlarging Steinberg’s nose and darkening Reddicliffe’s complexion. One might almost think they didn’t like Blacks and Jews.

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Federal Judge: President Is Not Above the Law

Posted by MEC on July 5, 2008

Judge Vaughn R. Walker of the Northern District of California has ruled that the president’s authority as commander in chief does not make him exempt from the law.

Walker, who was appointed by President H.W. Bush, stated the obvious when ruling on a lawsuit by an Oregon charity that has evidence the government used an illegal wiretap against under the secret surveillance program established by Bush after the September 11 attacks.

This ruling is consistent with other rulings that Bush cannot use “I’m a wartime president” as the pretext for ruling by fiat.

Let’s hope it sends a message to Congress: Bush cannot have everything he wants just because he wants it. And that includes retroactive immunity for the telephone companies that helped him break the law.

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This Must Be Fixed

Posted by MEC on July 5, 2008

Employers screw people out of pensions and life insurance; and under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, courts cannot force the employers to pay up, only to reimburse their victims for the premium payments.

Tell Congress to fix the law so there are sufficient penalties for cheating employees out of the benefits they’ve earned.

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Did BushCo Pay FARC $20 Million For The Hostages?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 5, 2008

That’s what Forbes is reporting:

PARIS (Thomson Financial) – Leaders of the Colombian FARC rebel movement were paid millions of dollars to free Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt and 14 other hostages, Swiss radio said on Friday, quoting ‘a reliable source’.

The 15 hostages released on Wednesday by the Colombian army ‘were in reality ransomed for a high price, and the whole operation afterwards was a set-up,’ the radio’s French-language channel said.

Saying the United States, which had three of its citizens among those freed, was behind the deal, it put the price of the ransom at some $20 million.

The London Times and the Daily Mail also mention this alleged deal.

Wonder if this will crack the front pages of our daily papers — or make the evening newscasts?

07/05/08 UPDATE: Barb at Lucky White Girl suggests that the French were the ones to pony up the ransom, as they cared more about freeing Ingrid Betancourt than the Bush Junta cared about freeing American citizens. The marked apparent improvement in Betancourt’s health since the last video may be an indication that the French had been getting food and medicine to her for months before the ‘rescue’.

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