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You know your church is in trouble when…

Posted by Charles II on July 5, 2008

…it invites a notorious adulterer and hypocrite to teach morality, a purveyor of hate to preach the gospel

Newt Gingrich preaches at First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Newt Gingrich preaches at First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Granted, Fourth of July services tend to be a bit more nationalistic and militaristic than the Prince of Peace might have wanted, but this is ridiculous.  

I suffered through half of it. It’s the same old Newt, coming out with classics like (approximately), “The next time someone tells you that you don’t have the right to join the military and defend civilization against destruction…”  and that (I paraphrase) “Totalitarian states are always secular” (like Israel under Ahab and the Baal-worshipping Jezebel, right, Newt?). I don’t know if Newt is planning on running for office again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t his vice-presidential bid.

From about 7/6-7/12, you can watch it here. It was prefaced with a video justifying the Iraq war as a war for American freedom. Jesus would have just loooooved it.


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  1. It’s as if Newt read Mark Twain’s The War Prayer and didn’t realize it was satire.

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