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Why Did Obama Go After The New Yorker Cover?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 16, 2008

This is why:

A few hours after Nate argued earlier today that:

Put differently, if you oppose Obama, it becomes much more likely that you do so for reasons related to his race, or because you believe one of the smears about his character, if we also learn that you’re a Democrat.

By coincidence a brand new Pew poll confirms exactly that insight. The title of the article explaining the poll results says it all: “Belief that Obama is Muslim is Durable, Bipartisan – but Most Likely to Sway Democratic Votes.”

That’s called prescient good timing.

In other words, too many stupid people are roaming the earth.


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Posted by MEC on July 16, 2008

Remember all that talk about how Barack Obama was an appeaser just like Neville Chamberlain because he said talking with countries that are hostile to the U.S. is better than attacking them?

A high-ranking U.S. diplomat will attend talks with an Iranian envoy in Switzerland.

Which of Obama’s critics will be the first to call Bush an appeaser for sending a U.S. diplomat to the talks?


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Good News From The Green Front

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 16, 2008

All hail the solar carport! Generates energy and keeps your parked car from feeling like a blast furnace on hot days. Here’s the residential version. Here’s the Navy’s version.

And here’s the BART version in Orinda: It shades 25 parked cars and provides power for the entire station, aside from the trains themselves which have a different power source. BART maintenance sheds at Hayward and Richmond will also solar panels. Combined with new energy-efficient lighting, BART will save around $3.4 million over the next twenty years, which will help finance further solarization.

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