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And In News That Surprises Absolutely No One

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 28, 2008

Well, well, well: The PUMAs seem to be pretty toothless despite all the lovely free publicity they’re getting from the GOP/Media Complex:

Thousands of Hillary Clinton’s donors gave at least $1.2 million to Democrat Barack Obama in June, accelerating a migration from her presidential campaign that began months ago.

Republican John McCain collected about $11,000 from that group in the same period, according to an Arizona Republic analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

The numbers suggest no widespread defections from the Democratic Party after its hard-fought primary season between Clinton and Obama ended the first week of June. McCain has hoped that many of Clinton’s supporters would join him in an anti-Obama backlash.

The financial reports are even more lopsided than polls that indicate few Clinton backers are crossing party lines.


Overall, Clinton donors who also have given to Obama have provided the presumptive Democratic nominee with $3.6 million since January. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, has collected $117,000 from Clinton donors in that time.

$11,000 in a month? Cripes, that’s pitiful. Obama can raise that during a coffee break. Of course, many of these folks are probably actual McCain supporters who maxed out early on and are only pretending to be Hillary supporters; their familiarity with standard right-wing tropes is a big hint as to their actual allegiance.


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