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Seeding incompetence, reaping catastrophe

Posted by Charles II on July 30, 2008

Begonia Buzzkill over at Avedon’s establishment flags an article by Bill Morlin and Jim Camdin of the Seattle Spokane Spokesman-Review on the purchase of educational degrees from a diploma mill by people in the military, government, and education. DoJ– headed by Charles Schumer’s buddy, Michael Mukasey– is refusing to publicize the full list:

A preliminary analysis of the list by The Spokesman-Review shows 135 individuals with ties to the military, 39 with links to educational institutions and 17 employed by government agencies….

However, the exact number of individuals with ties to the military, government and education is believed to be far greater …

The list includes NASA employee Timothy Francis Gorman, who bought an electrical engineering degree…

National Security Agency employees David W. Barden and Barry A. Hester both bought degrees. Hester, who was a computer Web trainer and designer for the NSA with top-secret clearance, paid $1,187 for an information systems and technology degree, the list shows.

Eric Gregory Cole, who was a contract employee for the Central Intelligence Agency, paid $3,801 for a degree in information systems management….

Only one buyer – former deputy U.S. marshal David F. Brodhagen, who was forced into early retirement – has been charged criminally as an outgrowth of the case.

At least one other deputy U.S. marshal, Michael Cameron, is on the list showing he bought a criminal justice degree from the Spokane diploma mill.

Also on the list are William R. Church, a senior military adviser working in the White House, and George Michael Navadel, a U.S. State Department computer systems negotiator, who paid $5,400 for a doctorate in network engineering.

Duwayne Huss, an employee of Nuclear Management Co., operator of two nuclear plants in Minnesota, bought degrees in nuclear engineering and accounting….

Michael J. Hoilien, who worked for the Air Force in Fayetteville, N.C., bought a medical degree. …

Why would Mukasey bar the release of a list of people who are very likely incompent at doing their jobs, yet may be practicing medicine or operating nuclear plants? Unless he knows that a number of Busheviks would be exposed…?

A 14-karat gold-colored rising Mercury Star to whoever can remind me where I have heard the name Timothy Francis Gorman before.

[Thanks for the correction, Helen.]


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Did Your GOP Legislator Take Pete Sessions’ Stripper Money?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 30, 2008

From the Forty Deuce website via AmericaBlog

From the Forty Deuce website via AmericaBlog

My, my, my. Even as Norm Coleman runs ads attacking Al Franken over his ties to Playboy (ties that Betty McCollum, a Ciresi loyalist, joined Coleman in attacking even though she herself has taken money from the Hefner-funded EMILY’s List), it seems that at least two of Norm’s fellow Minnesota Republican officeholders, Michele Bachmann and Erik Paulsen, were among the beneficiaries of Texas Republican Pete Sessions’ Forty Deuce strip-club fundraiser for the PAC that gave them money. (Seems that Sessions is in tight with casino and strip-club operators.)

Sessions’ fundraising PAC is called the “People for Enterprise/Trade/Econ Growth“, and here’s the FEC data for Bachmann ($2500) and Paulsen ($5000). Wonder how many other “family values” types got Pete Sessions’ stripper money?

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Dolly Did Us A Favor

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 30, 2008

It looks like Dolly may have bought some extra time for the Gulf of Mexico’s marine life:

NEW ORLEANS – The oxygen-starved “dead zone” that forms every summer in the Gulf of Mexico is a bit smaller than predicted this year because Hurricane Dolly stirred up the water, a scientist reported Monday.

There is too little oxygen to support sea life for about 8,000 square miles — just under the record of 8,006 square miles recorded in 2001, said Nancy Rabalais, head of the head of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium.

“If it were not for Hurricane Dolly, the size of the Dead Zone would have been substantially larger,” she said in a news release sent from the consortium’s research vessel, the Pelican, as she returned from her annual mapping cruise. Rabalais measures the area during the same period each year.

This might not last long, however: Researchers fear that there may be extra farm runoff in the spring floodwaters coming down from the Mississippi. Time will tell.

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