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It Isn’t Paranoia If They Really Are Out to Get Us

Posted by MEC on August 13, 2008

[Edited to update the information.]

Today a man walked into the Arkansas State Democratic Headquarters and shot the state party chairman, Bill Gwatney. Mr. Gwatney died four hours later.

The police shot the suspect; he died after being airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Did the assailant own books by Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and other rightwing hate-spewers, just like the man who killed the parishioners of a liberal church in Knoxville, Tennessee?

4 Responses to “It Isn’t Paranoia If They Really Are Out to Get Us”

  1. Charles said

    The shooter said “I lost my job.”

  2. MEC said

    It isn’t yet known if the two incidents are related.

    The man who shot Gwatney asked to speak with him, then barged into his office and shot him.

  3. Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin’s post on this is titled “I Shot the Arkansas Democrat Party Chairman”.

    I kid you not — just look at the URL (and no, you don’t need to bother to click through):

  4. MEC said

    Well, she doesn’t match the description of the shooter, but I think she should be hauled in for questioning about her connection with it.

    Does the bimbo still have a paying gig anywhere?

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