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Bonus: Saturday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on August 16, 2008


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From Doxieone, featuring the cats of Salon’s Table Talk, who are helping Barack Obama prepare for leading the Democratic Party.

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This Is The Sort Of Classy Behavior We Expect From Our Elitist Old-Money Overlords

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 16, 2008

Look what John Sidney McCain III’s mommy did to his wheelchair-bound ex-wife in the wake of their 1980 divorce:

In the 1980 lawsuit, filed shortly after John and Carol McCain divorced, Roberta sued Carol to reclaim some personal property,including paintings, a needlepoint screen and a pair of earrings. A
settlement was reached in 1981.

But in a brief telephone interview, Roberta denied filing the lawsuit.

“I have never heard of what you’re talking about. … I will put my hand on a Bible,” she said, to attest that she had never sued Carol.

Roberta’s denial prompted laughter from the ex-daughter-in-law.

“Yes, she sued me,” Carol said in a brief phone interview.

Roberta’s lawsuit sought personal property she claimed Carol was refusing to return. The disputed items included an “18th century Burmise Buddist Preist (Burmese Buddhist priest)” valued by Roberta at $2,000, and a “Butlers Tray for Liquor” she valued at $225.


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Saturday Morning Election News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 16, 2008

– In former candidate news, a buddy of John Edwards explains why Rielle Hunter got $14,000 in additional video payments. Amazing how a guy who the press shunned or mocked during his short-lived primary campaign that ended during the height of winter is now getting more ink than ever, even as the similar foibles of a current candidate (cough*JohnMcCain*cough) are excused by the media.

– In other former candidate news, Alison Owings discusses the Hillary Holdouts, the small but vocal group that the news media loves to focus on in order to make it seem like John McCain might actually have a chance of winning this fall.

– In current candidate news, McCain’s trial balloon of Tom Ridge for Veep is being ferociously attacked by Fundies who don’t want a sane pro-choice man a heartbeat away from the presidency.

– Also in current candidate news, Jackson Browne joins Mike Myers and John Mellencamp in asking John McCain’s people to stop using his stuff in their campaign ads.

– Finally, Team Obama’s rapid-response crew smacks around bigoted slime-slinger Jerome Corsi with a point-by-point rebuttal that effectively changes the narrative.

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