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Um, Hello? McCain Headquarters?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 17, 2008

You really might want to rethink having as your lead oppo-flinger a guy who, back in February and March, wrote articles for World Net Daily claiming that your guy, John Sidney McCain III, was linked both to Al-Qaida and the Mob.

Seriously — you only wish I were kidding.

From World Nut Daily, March 2, 2008:

Group tied to al-Qaida backs McCain for prez
‘They will do all they can to turn Kosovo into a
jihadist camp in the heart of Europe’

And from WND’s February 26, 2008, we have this:

McCain fortune traced to organized crime
Mob figures later implicated in Arizona savings and loan scandal

This is what you get when you put your trust in Jerome Corsi.

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Back-ing And Forth-ing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 17, 2008

This article on the possible role of pulp mills in biofuel production is interesting, but the discussion it’s generated is even more so.

So far, I think Fred Linn’s winning.

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