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Chevy’s Hybrid Lineup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 18, 2008

Did you know that you can get a hybrid version of the Chevy Malibu?

Or the Chevy Tahoe SUV?

Or, in a few months, a hybrid Silverado?

Neither did I, until very recently.

Check it out, at . Since the Priuses are currently on back order anyway, why not try an American hybrid, if you can find one? (And no, GM’s not paying me a dime to do this. They probably have no idea I exist.)

5 Responses to “Chevy’s Hybrid Lineup”

  1. jo6pac said

    Sorry even if I was buying a car it won’t be GM. I love the workers hate the management (if there ever has been any). They could have been the king but killed the car of the future. I bet $1 they don’t make to 2012.

  2. Stormcrow said

    The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid made The Consumerist today – as number two out of the eleven least fuel efficient hybrids.

    21 miles/gallon.

    What Consumerist itself cites is a set of ratings at Hybrid Cars. The cite the Prius at 46 miles/gallon, which is close to “best case” from my own observations. But their quoted Prius MSRP of $21,300 was left in the dust by market conditions some months ago.

    The thing that really pisses me off is that Honda discontinued the Honda Insight. They cite 60 miles/gallon for that one. The aerodynamics and body styling are just beautiful – if you like 2-door sedans. But Honda only made a couple of thousand before they pulled the plug.

    Meanwhile, they continue to crank out Honda Elements, which look like rolling mud bricks on wheels, with aerodynamics to match. Chocolate Jesus, those things are ugly!

    But if you’re really pining for an SUV hybrid, the best mileage seems to be with the Ford Escape Hybrid, Mercury Mariner Hybrid, and the Mazda Tribute Hybrid. All rated at 32 miles/gallon, which leaves the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid eating dust.

    Now, this would rock if they’d make it instead of trotting it out as a “concept car”: the Toyota Hybrid X.

    Check out the driver visibility, particularly to front sides and to the rear. Rear window visibility is my single biggest compliant against the Prius.

  3. The Ford Escape’s a very popular vehicle, definitely. But really, considering that most SUVs are essentially gussied-up pickup trucks, getting anything above 15 mpg for them, especially if they’re V8s, is a minor miracle. And the Chevy Tahoe is a V8, with all that this implies.

    And yes, the Honda Insight was a lovely car, and handles like a Mercedes according to the lucky folk I know who own one. Much better than the Prius, but then again the Prius is designed for families.

    And of course, the Chevy Volt’s waiting in the wings. That’s what’s really going to save GM — and we really need GM to be saved. The last of our union jobs are at the car factories.

  4. Stormcrow said

    I love the looks of the Insight.

    It looks much like what I call “summer cars” around here. Two doors, low, highly aerodynamic, racy body styling, usually convertibles, probably hideously expensive, probably quite miserly with the gas.

    But two doors and the lack of a hatchback make it much less a general-purpose vehicle than a Prius. I can stick a bike or a broken-down set of shelving or a backpack and luggage carrier in mine.

    And while a bike and shelving aren’t part of my normal commute, a backpack and a luggage carrier are. My laptop, cabling, mouse, USB hub, and outboard drives (if any) go into the backpack, along with papers and the odd rescue disk. The luggage carrier is what I cart it to work on.

    I’m NOT going to put that backpack on my back. Not with pain consequent to arthritic degeneration now a 24/7/365 part of my life.

    I like sharing the road with summer cars. They’re attractive, and the people who drive them are more careful than most. But I would not want to own one myself.

  5. Yup and yup. (By the way: Yes, Akismet munched a couple of your messages yesterday. But you did get through eventually!)

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