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Fox Noise: Not Just Biased, but Clueless

Posted by MEC on August 24, 2008

Fox Noise reporter Griff Jenkins does his best to portray a demonstration outside the Democratic convention center as violent, even instigating a ruckus by laying hands on Ward Churchill when Churchill won’t talk to him.

The exchanges are priceless. The crowd is exercising its First Amendment rights, and Jenkins accuses people of not supporting freedom of speech because they won’t talk to him. When one of the marchers tells him the message is “Stop torture, stop the war”, he asks, “Don’t you love freedom?” I guess that makes it official: For Fox Noise, torture = freedom.

Most ironic of all, Fox Noise, which is all about the Democrats being dangerous leftist radicals, informs us without a hint of irony that leftists are protesting the Democratic National Convention, you know, almost as if the Democrats don’t share their goals and priorities.

Warning: The chant that the crowd directs at Fox Noise is NSFW.

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You Really Don’t Wanna Go There, Richie

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 24, 2008

Seems that John Sidney McCain III thinks it’s amusing to run an ad featuring a rather mild diss of Obama by Joe Biden back when the primary season was in full swing.

Trust me, Richie Rich, you really don’t wanna go there. Especially if you pick Mitt Romney for your running mate:

That’s right, kiddies: Mitt Romney actually said that he’d vote for Obama over McCain. [UPDATE: Well, not really — though Mitt came as close as he dared. I was being facetious, as obviously the Republican omerta is too strong for a sitting GOP officeholder to do that even in the heat of a primary season. More on this below.]

If I were Obama, I’d start running the ads with this video now, so as to scare McCain away from picking Romney.

UPDATE: I should have put a smiley up so it was clear that I was being slightly facetious. The Code of Republican Omerta is obviously a bit too strong for the Mittster to dare say that, even in a primary fight. But if it’s OK to use Biden’s primary campaign verbiage against Obama, it’s definitely OK to use Romney’s much harsher primary campaign verbiage against McCain.

Then again, with former Senator and prominent Iowa Republican Jim Leach openly endorsing Obama (and who will be at Denver this week to reiterate his endorsement), and sitting GOP Senators Chuck Hagel, Dick Lugar, and Arlen Specter themselves risking GOP retaliation by lavishly praising the Obama-Biden ticket — and bearing in mind that none of these guys are currently running for president — who needs to replay primary-season foofaraw?

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Make It Stop

Posted by MEC on August 24, 2008

Barack Obama announced his running mate yesterday. This week is the Democratic National Convention.

So of course the Associated Press covers the real news: How McCain’s humility and accessibility won him the Republican nomination.

It’s just coincidence that AP’s Washington Bureau chief was offered a job on the McCain campaign, Rupert Murdoch is on the board of directors, and the AP never misses a chance to give McCain a tongue bath.

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