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Quote of the Day

Posted by MEC on August 26, 2008

Governor David Paterson, speaking at the Democratic National Convention:

If [John McCain] is the answer, the question must be ridiculous.

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Media Coverage of the Democratic National Convention, cont’d

Posted by MEC on August 26, 2008

I got home from work and turned on C-SPAN to find out what was happening at the Democratic National Convention.

C-SPAN was showing a speech by John McCain — even though the schedule in their web site lists the Democratic Convention during this hour.

C-SPAN2 was showing a meeting of the GOP Platform Committee.

Because, after all, there are no events scheduled at the Democratic convention right now.

I bet $20 that C-SPAN doesn’t broadcast any Democratic events during the Republican National Convention.

Meanwhile, the radio news reports are still all about the increasingly undignified behavior of people who claim to be Hillary Clinton’s followers but who are blatantly ignoring her calls to unite behind the inevitable Democratic candidate.

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Cindy Sheehan reports wiretapping

Posted by Charles II on August 26, 2008

Via Avedon, via Rob Kall at Op-Ed News, we learn that Cindy Sheehan found a man tampering with her hotel telephone and suspects she was being wiretapped.

If so, that was a truly low-budget operation. One can wiretap so easily nowadays that only someone with no more than $50 to spend would do a bag job that way.

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Good And Bad, GOP/Media Style

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 26, 2008

In case you were wondering:

Good: Misogynistic rapper Daddy Yankee, whose songs are full of boasts about murdering persons, including women, endorsing John McCain.

Bad: Barack Obama’s being a fan of neo-gospel singer Kanye West, the man who writes and sings heartbreakingly beautiful songs about his late mother, and groundbreaking hip-hopcritically-acclaimed hip-hop artist Jay-Z.

This has been brought to you courtesy of the GOP/Media Complex.

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