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Ron Paul alternative convention/Liveblogging

Posted by Charles II on September 2, 2008

Thanks to btchakir of Under the Lobster Scope, posting at Avedon’s Sideshow, Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic is here (though it seems to be already off-schedule. Either that or they forgot to turn on the microphone)

It really is a weird cast of characters. Christian Dominionist Howard Phillips and The Man from Dope former Governor Gary Johnson, the as-yet-unjailed Grover Norquist and the prim lawyer Bruce Fein. And for entertainment purposes, Jesse Ventura.

Liveblogging updates.

Tucker Carlson is amazed that Ron Paul would support the freedom to smoke marijuana, which he has never done. He’s just doing it because he believes other people should have freedom. Guess he’s never heard of NOW or the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Worst rendition ever of the national anthem by Sergeant Matt. Coleman, reaching parody level and breaking through with the sound of ripping muslin.

Barb Davis White promises to take Keith Ellison’s district back from “fascism, liberalism, and socialism.” She manages to break the Third Commandment (Second if you’re a Catholic) with a relentless abandon. Cheers from the crowd for the death of Homeland Security. The Fairness Doctrine was born in the Pits of Hell, she says. I don’t doubt she witnessed it.

Howard Phillips has been working with Ron Paul for HR 190 to deny Social Security to aliens, HR 191 to repeal taxation of Social Security benefits, HR 300 to eliminate the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts. He wants the Congress to run th Courts. And he wants to end the membership of the US in the United Nations. HR 2514 to eliminate obstacles to offshore drilling and refineries. One of Phillips’ favorites: legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve: “Off the Fed!” “We don’t think the Sixteenth amendment was ratified.” He blames the power of big media on the direct election of Senators. Oppose the North American Union: “It won’t be dead until we drive a stake through it’s heart.” Knocks the European Union. He calls the Civil War The War of Northern Aggression: “Mr. Lincoln invaded his own nation.”

A brief schlockumentary.

Mr. Compassionate Conservative Doug Wead tells us how his wife stole a purseful of napkins from the Reagans and peddles his books. “It doesn’t seem to matter who gets elected… it’s spend, spend!” “Democrats are for excessive spending and excessive taxation, while Republicans are for excessive spending and slightly less excessive taxation.” “[On government spying and people’s willingness to let the NSA rummage through their lives] It’s not about innocence. Gandhi was innocent. Mandela was innocent. Jesus was innocent.” “We have practically extinguished small businesses in America.” Government subsidies keep African Americans from starting burgerias because the French subsidize their hamburgers. “Look around this room. This is the hope for America and for liberty in the world.” “[Quoting the inscription of the Statue of Liberty] We are the garbage of the world.”

More schlockumentary.

Tom Woods, a fellow at the Mises Institute of extremist economics. Calls the RNC a “snorefest.” “Americans are faced with a choice between the stupid party and the evil party.” Sometimes the parties get together to do something both stupid and evil, and this is what we call bipartisanship. Audience boos Madeleine Albright. The Austrian theory of the business cycle was alone in predicting the Great Depression. Gold is the only system compatible with freedom. “The neo-conservative death cult.” “If you care about war, you should care about the Fed, because it’s the life blood of the empire.” “The free market does not cause housing crisis or mortgage bubbles.” “The free market is being blamed for the stupidity of the blockheads who rule us.”

More schlockumentary. An Arab-American has a pretty good segment.

Mr. Drown Government in a Bathtub, Grover Norquist, heads farther into the deep end: Introduced with The Beatles’ song, The Tax Man. “Please: the ANTI-Tax Man.” “Let me summarize: Taxes bad. Guns good.” Panders to “people of faith,” homeschoolers, and the rest of the GOP coalition. Around Hillary’s table are trial lawyers, the two wings of welfare dependency, coercive utopians like environmentalists who make toilets and cars small. “put our foot on the air hose of statism” As the tax money diminishes people like Hillary will be like the people in the lifeboat movement, looking at each other and wondering who they will eat. If you look at your bottle of Coke and see a rat head in it, you don’t tell yourself, that you may not finish Republicans who vote for tax increases are rat heads in a Coke bottle. “This [Clinton’s taxation of the top 2% of the population] is the Richard Speck theory of tax increases [because Clinton also taxed Social Security earnings and gasoline].” Obama will reduce the value of everyone’s 401k by 10% through his tax increases. A new movement: the Transparency Movement. Every expenditure of the states of Texas and Missouri is on the web. Today we bring piles of money in front of the stone god of education and it absorbs the essence of the money. Then the teacher’s union comes and takes all the money.

Fox News sucks up to Ron Paul. Audience boos Fox.

Mises Institute fellow Lew Rockwell: “You would have to have been sedated not to be cynical [given Bush’s actions.]” Audience boos Bush. “[Bush] hasn’t done a single decent thing for the country.” “All of his successes have come at our expense.” “Ron Paul is the only Republican to stand up against Bush’s setting up a totalitarian state.” “Conservatism as we once knew it is hopelessly corrupted.” “Conservatism poses as great or a greater threat to liberty than the left or left liberalism.” “Bush has fulfilled conservatism [as formulated by Bill Buckley.]” “Conservatism stands for… lying from morning till night.” “the fascism of Republicans….militarism and rightwing collectivism.”

I’m not sure how much of this I can stand.

Yes I do. Someone else want to pick up the blogging, ’cause I’m done?

Update: I found out who their “special guest” was: a giggling John F. McManus of the John Birch Society, who closed his talk with, “If you like Ron Paul, you’ll love the John Birch Society.”


5 Responses to “Ron Paul alternative convention/Liveblogging”

  1. It’s fun to watch them rubbing shoulders with RNC delegates and staffers in the Minneapolis skyways — the Great Unwashed (quite literally, in the cases of many of the twentysomething males that make up a big chunk of RP’s visible supporters here) and the silk-suited RNC folk.

  2. MEC said

    Grover Norquist is making the rounds, I see.

  3. Charles II said

    Yes, indeed. I saw your account of his casual slander of Jennifer Granholm. Grover is everywhere, preaching the message that Republicanism has not gone wrong; it just hasn’t tried hard enough. Talk about someone whose 15 minutes of fame expired a very long time ago.

  4. MEC said

    I figure Grover is trolling for new clients. I wonder whether he was in Denver sucking up to the Blue Dogs.

  5. Grover hasn’t lost his faith in his ability to use white people’s fear of their tax dollars going to black, yellow or brown people to feather his own nest.

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