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The Reviews Are In

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 2, 2008

And Biden won handily:

CBS News instant polling of uncommitted voters: 46% said Biden won, with only 21% saying Palin did. What’s more, while the debate pushed 10% of the uncommitteds to McCain, it pushed 18% to Obama.

CNN had its own group of uncommitted voters to monitor; these were from the state of Ohio. Biden cleaned up among them as well.


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While Everybody Was Focused on the Debate

Posted by MEC on October 2, 2008

An Alaska judge rejected an attempt by Republican legislators to abort the Troopergate investigation because it had become “partisan”.

The judge also upheld the legislature’s authority to issue subpoenas.

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Play the Sarah Palin drinking game

Posted by Charles II on October 2, 2008

Rules: Every time she talks, take a drink. Pretty soon, everything she says will make sense.

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Don’t Vote

Posted by MEC on October 2, 2008

YouTube source page

(H/T filkertom)

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Lucky Ducks vs. Bird Flippers

Posted by Charles II on October 2, 2008

Bérubé, via Atrios:

So I understood Palin, from the outset, as basically the latest installment in a generation-long project of bird-flipping from the right. Beginning with Reagan, the GOP has come to understand that when it runs with amiable dunces—even putatively amiable dunces—at the top of the ticket (Reagan, Bush II), it kicks butt and (as Atrios succinctly puts it) pisses off liberals; when it runs old-school government-and-civics types who understand things like parliamentary procedure and know the names of furren leaders (Bush I, Dole), it doesn’t fare so well (Bush I won but quickly squandered the party’s Reagan Dividend; meanwhile, Quayle kept alive the attack-on-eloquence-and-arugula).

The generation-long project has, by pure chance, coincided with the collapse of the middle class, the running up of the debt from 30% of GDP to 70% and the loss of world leadership by the United States.

The reversals of fortune raising wages and lowering debt under Democrats are just because Democrats are lucky.

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Anti-CRA GOPbot Linkspammers: this is your thread

Posted by Charles II on October 2, 2008

But before you post a single word, read Barry Ritholtz debunking this whole line of crapola and Rick Perlstein explaining why the attack on the Community Redevelopment Act is despicable.

Your theory should be consistent with the following facts:

  • Fannie and Freddie didn’t issue bad mortgages
  • Fannie and Freddie didn’t package them into incomprehensible securities
  • Fannie and Freddie were private companies that had shareholder-elected boards of directors
  • 50% of subprime loans were made by originators that didn’t have any CRA review at all
  • Another 30% of subprime loans were made by institutions that had limited CRA review
  • CRA review had only one practical consequence: a limitation on mergers
  • Congress was controlled completely by Republicans from 1995-2007 (except for a brief period of Senate control by Democrats in 2001-3
  • The presidency was controlled by Republicans from 2001-7
  • The regulator of Fannie/Freddie, OFHEO, was an Executive branch agency
  • The problems at Fannie and Freddie were undercapitalization
  • The first hint of problems at Fannie and Freddie came in 2003, and had to do with inflating earnings, not with lending standards
  • For bonus credit, watch the following
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    Florida Republicans In Panic Mode

    Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 2, 2008

    McCain is rapidly leaking support in Florida, and one of the things most responsible for the leakage is Sarah Palin.

    So of course they decide to have her do campaign stops there. Genius.

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    John McCain’s Plan To Up Your Taxes

    Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 2, 2008

    That’s right:  Unless you’re already rich, John McCain plans to increase your taxes.

    The Campaign for America’s Future explains how, in their thirty-seventh e-mail in the “Making Sense 2008” series.  More past the jump:

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